Hello everyone .. I’m in Mysore – undergoing a tough hectic training with very busy schedules .. Still my politically passioned mind is somehow able to keep itself updated about the latest happenings in IPL-1 and IPL-2 .. IPL-1 is the Indian Political league and IPL-2 is the Indian Premiere League .. I wont be able to see the couting process on TV tomo as I have training on Saturdays too but will keep checking the score in my iPhone ..

I hope BJP/NDA comes out as winner and that too with a flying colors so that they dont have to woo other smaller-regional-selfish-hopeless parties ..

Hope for the best .. Amen !!


9 Responses to “Busy — But Still Hoping for The Best !!!”

  1. May your soul remain busy for 5-10 more years to save the chicas of mumbai from being harassed lol … Busy Dawg !!! Finally a post from you … I thought maybe you just left the blogosphere … Keep it up man !!! Cheers …

    (PS: There was a DJ Suketu night here last weekend, and boy we all had a ball there, with me getting official permission to drink lol…)
    (More PS: There is an upcoming DJ Aqeel night end of May… Kick Mysore and Come to the Bay man !!!)

  2. Am keeping my fingers crossed for NDA but the way post Alliance planning is going on I think it will be UPA ๐Ÿ™

  3. may the best man win!

  4. You had the good fortune of staying away from the tv during counting. Tough luck man. I fail to understand the mentality of Indian voter! The biggest shock in Indian politics after 2004.

  5. With small posts like these, we come to know that you still exist ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. @Samy:

    Great Man .. Enjoy !!

  7. @Smita:

    It’s all over Smita !!

    Hopes are all vanished !!

  8. @Gandalf/Bhavin:

    Man, I’m in no position to comment about it .. I’m just devastated ..

    India is a great country and you know that !! .. U r lucky that u r out ..

  9. @Sakhi:

    I miss all bloggers and blogging .. SO eventually I will chip in with such small ones !!

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