Despite several failures and letdowns of UPA/Congress government such as prise rise, inflation, terror attacks in every corner of India, minority appeasement, ignorance of majority community and playing with faiths and beliefs of Hindu community, people still gave a definite and straightforward mandate in favour of UPA. I, being apro-BJP guy, felt a little disappointed .. Okay, I would say very disappointed but this is part and parcel of politics – in fact life .. But I don’t think it’s a victory of Sonia Gandhi or Rahul Baba .. It’s a victory of spotless, sober, non-corrupt, intelligent, honest persona of Dr. Manmohan Singh which has contributed the most in achieving the unprecedented victory ..

There is no double doubt on that the people have chosen Manmohanji over Advaniji when it came to the PM post .. I think it’s an end of the road for Advaniji .. Advaniji has been a great leader – inspiration to many and always overshadowed by Atalji .. Atalji has go tall the respect in this world but it was Advaniji who transformed that respect into votes for BJP and made BJP a national party which really can fight and battle against the grand old Congress at national level .. But I guess some people never get donuts and he is one of them ..

After the verdict, I certainly feel that people of this country don’t deserve anything better than to get hassled by poverty, inflation and ultimately by the bullets of Islamic Terrorists .. Congress has retained Delhi and their reign of terror will continue abated .. I respect people’s mandate but I also feel – Fellow Countrymen, you will only get what you deserve ..

So people have voted for more terror attacks, more bombs and more carnage .. Awesome .. One learns from history and never makes mistakes those again but I guess we Indians are different breed which don’t learn from the history, do we ??

Good Luck India .. Good Luck Dr. Manmohan Singh ..


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  1. Can’t agree more.
    The majority has neglected its own wellbeing !!

  2. Hi soham…i hate to differ with the entire blog of urs..people of india have not only voted for the UPA, but they have voted agaisnt the BJP and everything that BJP stands for..all the issues mentioned by you were prevailing during the BJP government as well..and such issues cannot be labeled as government or party specific issues..i m rly not sure how advani has inspired n motivated many..leaders lyk advani and modi should only be given credit for the wider rift betwn hindus & muslims, riots, politicization of an incident lyk 26/11,defamin the PM of india, being true hypocrites, etc..m not a pro congress guy but BJP has none to blame but itself for the debacle of 2009 elections..sry to make this a lil too long..but i had to reply…

  3. Hi Soham,

    Quite interesting..! I appreciate your thoughts and feelings on this new government. I am a strong ‘BJPist’ like you with an optimistic approach. But don’t you think that this time the words were a bit harsh, or rather strong I would say!!! Not harsh on the winning of UPA govt, but for the people of India. It is NOT about underestimating any govt or giving a chance to this new govt. It is all about hoping for the best (although you might say that the best is now over). We reap what we sow. My view on eradicating terrorism is UNITY. We need to be unite keeping our eyes open in order to wipe out terrorism from our country. As far as poverty and inflation are concerned my take on this would be leaving it to the new govt and keeping your fingers crossed as the damage is already done now.. ๐Ÿ˜‰


  4. More than People of India getting what they deserve, I feel BJP got what it deserved a long time ago!

  5. I couldn’t agree with you more!!!!

  6. Advani sala Dhongi Baba, no more vote for BJP till theres dhongi like Advani.

    Hatao sale ko.

  7. hmmm i just hope UPA proves the people right.

  8. BJP lost because they had no one of Manmohan Singh’s stature to showcase their stand…also ideologically they were a rattled lot this time around.BJP can use this defeat and time out of power to introspect and come up with a way of becomming a true national party with appeal to all people.Right now the media is having a good time showcasing their lunatic fringe likeVarun and Muthalik.They need to find a way of getting their good side out into the public view

  9. Sota man chill dude !!! Although as I have always said that I have no knowledge or much interest in our politics (until of-course you are on the podium down the future), I would also say, that no matter which govt comes on the forefront, we as citizens of India should try doing as much good we can in some way or the other, for the goodwill factor. I mean do you need a particular Govt. to do something good to the society? Do you need Congress or BJP to let you help and give back the Indian people something back? I think not right? So take a chill pill, pop up a Corona with Lime, watch the IPL, keep on blogging, but more importantly try to think what YOU can do to improve something in the vicinity that you live … (does not have to be big or small)
    (PS: Teaching poor children is one of the best option I would say to at least reduce if not eliminate the ongoing problems that you listed)…

    Cheers man ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. @Mohak:

    Yeah .. That’s the saddest thing .. People dont understand the difference ..

  11. @Jay:

    It’s your perception and I respect it .. In return, I expect the same from you.

    But I disagree .. It was not Advani or Modi who has widened the rift between hindu – muslim .. It;s Rajiv Gandhi and Congress who started this divisive politics with shah bano case .. That’s where the rift started .. THousands of hindu pandits were massacared in kashmir valley but no one came forward for them while the whole pseudo-secular force came out in full force for godhra victims .. why ??

    Hindus dont have human rights ?? .. HIndus dont have feelings ?? .. Why are we ignored so much in our own country ?? .. why minorities get all undue and unwanted favors and hindus get bashing all the time ??

  12. @Mrudwang:

    Yes, I respect people’s mandate but they have been fooled by congress all these 50 years .. COngress just depends on divide and rule concept ..

    With shah bano case and sikh riots, they divided us on religion lines .. with reservation factor, they divided us on cast and breed lines ..

    Congress will never be tough on terror as it always looks for those muslim votebanks ..


    Yeah .. You will come to know about it in few years from now ..

    Once Riots, terrorist attacks, reservation in private sector, reservation to muslims in education and job sectors etc will affect you then you will realise what you (and me and all indians) have done !!

  14. @Smita:

    Thanks !! At least you agree with me !!

  15. @Priyank:

    This shows your low upbringing and ill manners ..

    Advaniji was, is and will be our leader ..

  16. @Reema:

    Since last 50 years, Congress has not proved people right so I dont think in next five yeras they can prove anything ..

    I’m being pessimistic here !!

  17. @Simply61:

    Wow !! .. You have put up a very valid point here ..

    Yes, BJP needs at least one news channed who can show its positive side to the public of India .. All the pro-congress media is happy these days showing BJP’s downfall ..

    By the way, even though it was broadcasted in a very malicious manner, BJP won all the banglore urban seats inspite of Ram Sena-Muthalik incident .. Varun won with a margin of 3 Lakh votes ..

  18. @Samy:
    Dude .. It’s to advice while sitting ina cozy comfy bed in the best weather of California ..

    YOu have to be in the system to change the system ..

    You come back and then we will have a debate over it !!

    Till then you party and have fun ..

  19. Well I guess somewhere that Varun Gandhi fiasco didn't go down with the Indian masses!!

  20. @rahul:

    I don't think Varun or his speech made any difference to the elections !!

    Muslims of UP hv unanimously voted for Congress after several FATWAS and other minorities too followed the same path hence Congress gained in UP .. That made the whole lot of difference !!

  21. @Soham shah

    My only comment is that, its high time now go and see some psychologist.

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