I am in Mysore since last one and half months and I’m enjoying every moment of it .. I have been deputed here for SAP/ABAP training .. I was very skeptical about Mysore life when I got the deputation letter as everyone up north has some weird definitions about Southern India life and people .. When I arrived here, for first few days, I found it quite boring as I had no friends here .. But as very extrovert I have become lately, I made some new friends and I started enjoying .. Let me tell you that Mysore has one of the best weathers I have ever come across around the world be it US, India or Singapore .. Cool breeze, Evening Rains, Rainbow , Cold at night etc are omnipresent here .. Have not visited the tourist places yet as we are working on Saturdays too so the Sunday is spent in sleeping but went to few hotels and enjoyed the food to the fullest .. So with great weather and cool friends, I’m enjoying my stay here but yes, I’m missing Mumbai too at the same time ..

The icing on the cake was, there was a TV in the dining hall with the tata sky connection so I did not miss any of the matches of IPL and T20 world Cup .. Deccan Chargers won the IPL in a grand style but the real disappointment came when India was routed back after losing three consecutive matches in a row .. Deeply hurt I am .. But I guess Graeme Smith will be more disappointed than I am right now .. he and his team have choked again .. Even though Smith has denied the ‘Chokers’ tag, it will be thrown to his team every time they will lose an important game like this .. Even though, they have been credited as ‘the best’ or ‘the second best’ team before any important ICC event, they have lost in around 7-8 semi-finals after performing so well throughout the tournament .. But this time, Shahid Afridi – The only Pakistani whom I love the most – single handedly destroyed the hopes of SA of wining the first-ever world title .. People at trentbridge roar him to the crease when he came to bat at no. 3, brimming with optimism, hoping he will destroy the opposition with his recklessly cavalier approach .. And man, didn’t he deliver the goods?? .. Afridi finished with 2 for 16 to go along with his half-century in 34 balls with some flamboyant shots and arrogant attitude .. SL too has won with a landslide victory over west-indies in the second semi-final so it is going to be a thrilling final encounter tomo .. I hope that Afridi scores century but SL should win .. At least the world cup will stay in ASIA ..

I did not get the time to update the blog due to hectic training and lack of Internet connection .. But I was enjoying my life at Mysore to the fullest ..


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  1. I am glad you liked it there. I have stayed in karnataka for 5 years and i too felt that the whether is best there. I loved the food too! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Don't forget to go to "Jog falls" especially you have the opportunity to see it in monsoon. Its simply awesome! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. how long do u have to be there?

  3. @sakhi:

    Oh yes. Weather is really an asset here. I m just loving it. I don't know whether I will get time to visit Jog Falls but I will surely try.

  4. @Reema:

    I m here till 28th June.

    U r on India-Darshan. R u planning to come here??

  5. Sota man I knew it that you would love to have your man Afridi play and win the world cup lol … And here you go they did it and more importantly Afridi did it hahaahahaha … Cool bro …. I know things have been hectic on your side of the world and same on my side of the continent … Dipali has got a job here last week so she moved in yesterday and will start working next monday for 4 months … Temp assignment through a recruiting agency … So till october she is here and then to India … havent been able to talk to bhabhiji too lately to expose some of your truths heheeheh … neways njoy man and cu online sm time … call u over the weekend …

  6. North Indians have created much negative hype about life in South. I had loved my stay in Chennai and Trivandrum both and have very fond memories.

  7. Afridi is one of the most dangerous players in the limited overs form of the game.

  8. @Samy:

    Whooo hoooo .. Afridi did it again man !!

    Man of the match both in Semi-final and final is a great achievement by any standards ..


    Great that Dipali will be with you .. Hv fun buddy but dont be naughty , he hehe he he !!!

  9. @Gandalf/bhavin:

    Yeah, afridi has some great untapped talent which came out in full force during the worldcum end stage .. he was about to lose his place but he came back with a bang !!

    U r absolutely right .. South India is so beautiful ../

  10. dude, great to see you back to blogging!!

  11. @rahul:

    Yeah buddy .. I'm back to Mumbai and now will try to be regular ..

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