As few of you might be knowing that Ahmedabad is my native place and Mumbai is the city where I work .. It takes hardly 7 hours to reach Ahmedabd from Mumbai by train .. So I go to Ahmedabad almost every alternate weekend .. To travel by train is quite an economical and comfortable option than the flight .. I always take an overnight train on Friday night and reach Ahmedabad early morning of Saturday and I take Sunday night train to Mumbai and reach Monday early morning .. Best timings for any office-goer ..

I have travelled in almost every class of a train be it sleeper class, three-tier AC, two-tier AC or even First/Executive class AC .. Every class has its own charm and appeal .. Every class is fun in itself .. So let me take you through every class that I have travelled in and will share some of my experiences ..

  • Sleeper Class : This class mainly involves lower-middle and middle class families .. You will find people around you very friendly and approachable .. They will also help you in settling down and to put your luggage underneath your seat .. After few initial minutes, no matter what you are wearing or how you are looking or how weird you are behaving, some one from somewhere will surely ask you about your name, about your work and even about your family .. You will come to know about each and every passenger’s family and work details withing few minutes .. People around you will offer you food, chocolates , sweets etc with a very friendly smile .. The whole of your compartment will turn into discussion forum with topics varies from politics to bollywood to cricket to sensex to recession .. If the talks are getting interesting then other compartment people will join you too .. All these chatting and gossiping will last till late night with smiles and loud laughs all around .. It’s a very nice experience even though by comfort and amenity wise, this class is at the bottom .. But those constant chatters will overtake and overshadow your discomfort for sure .. It’s fun to travel by this class ..
  • Three-tier AC : This class mainly involved middle-class and upper-middle class families .. After few minutes of your boarding of train, you will settle down and will exchange smiles with your other compartment mates .. If you are lucky and if you have got a friendly passengers, someone will ask you about your name and work .. But things wont stretch to your family and business details .. After some basic talks, everyone will go to sleep and there will be a total calm and peace in the whole compartment .. IF you really want a comfort and good value for your money, this class is the best one to travel .. Very economical though very comfortable ..

  • Two-tier AC: This class involves mainly upper-middle-class and rich class families .. Once you board the train and will settle down in your seat, I don’t think anybody will ask you something or anyone will even exchange a smile with you .. Most of them are usually reading novels or talking on phones .. Once the TC checks the tickets, everyone will go into the lands of dream and there will be a complete peace with lights off and curtains close in no time .. you will even not remember the faces with whom you travelled in an overnight train .. Sometimes it becomes depressing if you are not feeling sleepy but comfort-wise this class is quite good ..

These are my experiences of each class .. I found that people with less money are far more friendly, smiling and approachable than the people with more money .. People with less money have so many things to talk about than the people with more money .. I don’t know why this happens but you might have also experienced the same .. I don’t remember any of the instances when I had talked to the person sitting beside me in the flight or even he/she has exchanged any smile with me whatsoever .. I may be grossly wrong in quoting this but this is what I have felt all these years ..


9 Responses to “Mumbai to Ahmedabad via TRAIN – An experience of Life Time”

  1. i travelled once in two tier ac and it was so boring i decided never to travel in that! by the way i think u mean "seat" instead of "sit" in the post.

  2. Sota man to add to your experiences, I would also like to comment that we guys are never ever never ever lucky to have some good looking chic or a cute damsel giving us company in any class ๐Ÿ˜› lol …What say man ?


  3. since i visit mumbai often too, i have been travelling by train way too often. And i simply love train journey compared to flights ๐Ÿ™‚

    And i completely endorse what you wrote here… but over a period of time somehow my second class travels have become non-existent. I miss those days of air passing thorugh hair and a layer of dirt and mist on the face due to open windows.. ah … you made me nostalgic ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. @Reema:

    Oh yes .. 2-tier AC travelling is boring at times ..

    and yeah, thanks for pointing out the mistake .. On my way to correct it .. I m lucky that I did not write 'Shit' instead of seat .. LOL !!

  5. @Samy:

    No matter what I m travelling by – train or bus or flight – I never get a nice looking – beautiful neighbour ..

    somehow my luck runs out during tht time !

  6. @Sakhi:

    Yeah .. Second sleeper travelling is fun, always !!

  7. have only travelled second class, third AC and executive chair. love the experience of travelling by train. wish i can do it sometime.

  8. I did the Bangalore – Delhi train journey! Fascinating!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. you are right when you say, "People with less money have so many things to talk about than the people with more money" …

    sleeper class is very friendy and skeptical .. Once i was buying an appy bottle … and a typical Gujju couple seating in front of me stated seeing at me, as if I had bought a beer …. probably its not their fault .. is not appy bottle looks like a beer bottle ??

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