When Congress said that Ram Setu does not exist and Lord Ram – one of the prominent gods of Hinduism – was never born, people of India believed it and gave Congress a solid victory in the elections .. When same congress named the Bandra-Worli Sea-Link as Rajiv Gandhi Setu, people clapped, clapped and clapped ..

When Congress stated that the Muslims of India have the first right on every property which belongs to Indian Government, people of India felt that India is really a secular country and gave congress whole bunch of votes ..

When Varun Gandhi was charged under NSA for his remarks on Muslims and for ‘Proud Being a Hindu‘ comment, people of India agreed to this heinous and lethal verdict of Mayawati .. But when Omar Abdullah had made “Proud to be a Muslim” speech during the Confidence vote in Parliament people of India praised and congratulated him for the his secularism and modesty .. When A R Antulay openly spoke that Hemant Karkare was killed by Hindus and not by 26/11 terrorists and even though he lost the election, he has been made a cabinet minister in UPA government, people of India thought this as a very secular and modest step ..

When Congress stated that ethnic cleansing of thousands of Hindu Kashmiri Pandits from Kashmir valley is a nightmare and 1984 anti-sikh riots when 5000+ sikhs were butchered by congressmen is a past, people of India agreed to it .. But when same Congress always recalls the ghosts of Godhra Riots and calls it a national shame, people of India believed that and gave Congress a landslide victory ..

When Congress puts forward Rahul Gandhi, Sachin Pilot, Jyotiraditya Scindia as youth-representatives of India, people of India believed that and they voted for them .. But people of India do not even think logically that they are not the face of youth that India wants instead they are just the bunch of politicians’ kids who do not have to offer anything except their birth-surname ..

When the largest democracy of this world has a grand old ruling party which itself does not believe in democracy and it’s being run (ruined) by one or two families, people of India still vote for them and lets them enjoy family dynasty ..

When some of my friends are ashamed of being a Hindu just because a temple near their place is having a Sat Sang Session and is chanting prayers/bhajans from loudspeaker .. They think that it’s a noise pollution .. But the same bunch feels very holy and pious when Muslims offer their Namaz five times a day – everyday on loud speakers in every mosque all over India stating that ‘There is no GOD except Allah!!’ ..

Aren’t we great ????


17 Responses to “Why Indian People are the Greatest !!!”

  1. Just one question… If you were an Indian-Muslim, would you still say the same???

  2. @rush.me:

    Yes .. If I were an Indian-Muslim, I would have felt and said the same ting and that too with more bitter words ..

    Being an Indian-Muslim,I prefer 'Justice for all, appeasement of none' policy of the government ..

    Being an Indian-Muslim, i would not want to deny the mere existence of any GOD which belong to majority community..

    Being an Indian-Muslim, i wouldnever want a first right on the properties just because I'm from a minority community ..

    Being an Indian-Muslim, I would like government to deal with criminals in equal measures irrespective of their religion.. If varun is charged under NSA, Omar and Antullay should also be charged .. They should not be freed just because they are from minority community ..

    Being an Indian-Muslim, I would hv never felt ashamed of being a muslim just becausew we use loudspeakers at mosque and would hv advised fello hindu brothers not to feel ashamed of their religion just because temples are using loudspeakers ..

    I hope these answers ur queries !!

    Let me be clear .. I m not against muslims or any other community .. I love and respect islam and all other religions .. muslims, chrisitians are my fellow citizens and I respect their faith and belief .. I just hate the appeasement policy of political parties ..

  3. i think in last para u meant me or my comment on Nita's blog. FYI I am not "ashamed". I had written I am not happy..and not happy cuz when i want to protest people with ideologies like u try to show this logic. Also FYI i dont appreciate any sort of loudspeaker use be it on temple or mosque. who r u to pass judgement without knowing a person or his/her beliefs? I dont support loudspeaker..thats it..nothing to do with hindu or muslim.

  4. Sota man – first of all Whassuppp !!!!
    Long time no see man …

    Speaking about the new sea link – How is it? Did u get a chance to go through it??? I was trying to find some good videos on the net but did not find anything about the bridge …

    Lol only thing that I found was some lady wrapped in a saree inaugurating the bridge lol … πŸ˜‰ jk !!

    About Hindu-Muslims, I don't know what to say man πŸ˜›
    To an extent you are true, that there is nothing wrong with the religion or with what category the people are divided into – minority or majority … It's just the political aspect that needs a reality check I guess …

    Cheers πŸ™‚

  5. πŸ™

  6. @Reema:

    Hey hey Calm Down !!

    Ofcourse, I was pointing at you and ur comment in the last paragraph, but I hv not passed any judgement or decision about you or ur belief .. It was just my general opinion and at least I have that much freedom of speech being a blogger ..

    Again, calm dowm .. we r not here to fight but to spread love and harmony as described in Hinduism

  7. @Samy:

    Naaah .. Bandra-worli sea link is way too far from my place .. So hv not got chance to visit it .. But will do it soon ..

  8. @Sakhi:

    What happened ?? ..

    Did not get you !!

  9. I think when a Hindu-Indian voter votes, Religion is the last thing on his/her mind. Same is not true for other communities though. That makes a huge difference. I think people of India are becoming indifferent to religion. IMHO, religion is losing its charm and grip. Modern Hindu is not concerned about Ram or Allah. They are more concerned about Sensex and GDP. Whereas the Indian Muslims, still feeling marginalized, hang on to thread that binds them all together. Religion. They have a sense of belonging in there. My thoughts may be grossly wrong. I am not sure.

  10. @Gandalf:

    After giving a deep thought to your comment, I must say that U hv analyzed the whole situation very well .. you hv put a very valid point here ..

    Yes, a modern hindu is no more concerned about religion, region, cast, creed .. he needs a good job, development, infrastructure, wealth .. He still believes in GOD but does not belive in rituals and all .. I think that this is a very good sign .. They are few muslims too who have come forward and hv put behind all religions fanatism but that number is very minimal .. we need more of them ..

    People of India either hindu or muslim – dalit or upper cast – men or womwn has to come forward and should say to the government that we dont need appeasement .. we need justice and meritocracy ..

  11. see if u are pointing at me (as u admit u were) then why and how can do u say "they have no objection to namaz five times a day etc etc etc" without even knowing my opinion on loudspeakers on mosques??? freedom of speech is ok that doesnt mean u can go writing or saying or concluding anything about someone without knowing their beliefs.

  12. somehow these communal and political posts put me off… sometimes i dont know what actually i think and what is my stand!! that's why the sad face!

  13. @Reema:

    In your comment on Nita's post, u only mentioned about Mandir .. U never spoke anything against mosque which use loud speakers every day .. that's the reason I wrote that thing .. It was just my perception and not an allegation ..

    But if it has hurt ur feelings then I'm sorry abt that .. U r a dear friend and one of the few bloggers whom I admire ..

  14. @Sakhi:

    I beg to differ but this is not at all a communal post .. I'm as secular as all other so-called and self-proclaimed scholar, academic, forward-minded people are .. I just dont show off , I speak the truth AND I DONT HIDE FACTS..

    I just dont like the appeasement of any community – whether it's dalits(hindus) or muslims .. every one is equal so treat them in the same way ..

  15. for heaven's sake stop seeing everything from that point of view. I didnt talk abt mosque cuz
    1. there is no mosque near my home
    2. i was being bugged by satsang at a temple so i ranted about that. nothing more than that.
    Please stop construing everything from the pov that some "INDIANS" degarde only hindu stuff! U do come out to be a muslim hater even if u say u r not.

  16. very nice said really,like it.. but thats we called secularism..no country in the world follow secularism therefore they growing and country like india who follows they suffering badly then any other country :)On more thing yrs back may be @ 1999 when gov was palnning to put ANTI-CONVERSTION law means no one can convert with force, christian & muslim stand up together and started shouting against this,by saying this is not fair,its injustice to minority..strange how come its injuctice to their community ?…. Well yes it is against them as they wont be able to convert the ppls like wat happening in orissa,kerala and other parts of state, like this only not minority population is increasing day by day.But we have to follow secularism .BUT NOT ANY CHRISTIAN Country or muslim country show so much secularism that we do…AS THEY NOT FOOLS LIKE INDIAN.

  17. and at time of election i have read nice true lines in a newspaper corner blog… i dont remember some muslims leaders has said to vote…. something i forgot so just on next day i read this

    'Mullahs order Muslims how to vote'

    A bunch of mullahs have given instructions to Muslims to vote in this manner:

    β€œWhere Muslims are less than 20 per cent, vote for the most winnable secular candidate. Where they are up to 30 per cent, vote for the most winnable candidate who is Muslim. Where they are in a majority, vote for most winnable Muslim."

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