Flu — Flu — It’s a Swine-Flu !!!!!

Swine-flu is omnipresent these days – in news, in talks, in papers and also in the bodies of humans !! .. It has already created a panic in India and it continues to haunt people even when I am writing this one .. At the same moment, I am getting an email from my office HR explaining the Dos and Don’ts during this Swine-Flu anarchy ..

Current Death Toll because of Swine-Flu:
Pune – 3
Ahmedabad – 1 (NRI who had come from Atlanta, USA)
Delhi – 1
Mumbai – 1
Chennai – 1

Pune is the worst-affected city while Delhi comes close second ..

Swine-Flu is not at all dangerous .. All cases of Swine Flu are not serious in nature .. So there is no need for panic .. It just needs an extra care and it can be prevented .. Public awareness is what the need of an hour instead of panic, chaos or fear ..

  • Some important points about Swine-Flu (H1N1 Viral Infection):

1) Swine Flu is a highly contagious disease .. So If suffering from flu-like symptoms ( fever, running nose, cold , sore throat, nausea / vomiting) , please isolate yourself to prevent transmission of infection to others as the disease spreads by droplet infection while coughing and sneezing ..

2) Report to doctor either family physician or preferably in a govt. hospitals as they are better equipped and take necessary treatment ..

3) Undergo nasal / throat swab test on the advice of the govt. doctors as required at recognized centres .. SWINE-FLU medicines are ONLY available with Govt. Hospitals in India ..

4) Avoid going to crowded places like market, malls, air ports, railway stations, multiplexes if possible. I know there are so many great and lucrative deals going on in malls but avoiding it will save you some money too .. And yes, you can watch ‘Kaminey’ next week .. No big deal, huh !!

5) Always use N95 masks whenever possible .. They are specifically made for H1N1 Viruses .. Just dont buy usual surgical masks ..

6) Be careful with elderly people, children , pregnant women and people suffering from TB, HIV, diabetic, chronic lung / heart and neurological diseases and Cancer as they are more susceptible ..

7) Develop healthy habits like nutritious diet, safe drinking water , enough rest, sleep and breathing exercise ..

  • DOs and Don’ts :

[Click on the below image to see it larger .. Don’t be lazy .. Do click and read it ..]

So use some common sense and take some extra care and be preventive .. Together we can and we will fight this swine-flu ..


6 Responses to “Swine-Flu : Prevention is always better than Cure”

  1. do u really think the hype is necessary. i m not cynic, but "pandemic" and what ! 27 deaths? more ppl die of other reasons than this. i dont see hosiptal flooding, i dont see death toll rising alarmingly, i dont see all these. then why the hoopla?? all i see is mask maker minting money, doctors duping ppl. most hospital ont have the facilty to even test for it .. and they qurantine a person. ! i dont say all precautions are unncessary, but as a typical indian thng, we have a habit of overihyping, overdoing everythng.

  2. I guess it's more fear than the disease which is more nefarious..hope stop being paranoid about it!!

  3. Nothing to worry about Swine Flu…. It's a Media Hype….. This is how Investors have made money from Swine Flu….


  4. They say swine flu badly affects those with prior health conditions,but the normal person experiences it as a general flu! Precaution is however always good! tks!

  5. Hello. And Bye.

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