Recently one of my college and blogger friends Nova expressed her annoyance about her hubby’s passion and affection to cricket and how he (unconsciously) ignores her during cricket matches .. Few other girls supported her in her disgust as they were facing the same ditto problem from their husbands’ fondness for cricket ..

This conversation literally kicked away my writer’s block which I was facing since long and gave some gyan in my mind to pen down my thoughts about how cricket-crazy my family is .. Ofcourse, we belong to a cricket fanatic country and my family is no exception in that ..

Let me start with my dad .. I have not seen ardent cricket fan like him in my whole life .. Be it any god-damned match even Bangladesh v/s Kenya, you can find him watching on TV .. Whether it’s 5 AM in the morning New Zealand match or late in the night West-indies match, no matter what, he will stick to his TV ignoring the whole little world around him .. He’s a big Sachin fan .. He wears a pendant which has Sachin’s face on it so that Sachin always remains close to his heart .. When Sachin used to get out, I could see the anger in dad’s eyes and in behaviour .. He is not much into statistical data or a records lover but he does not want Ponting to break the record of Sachin for highest number of centuries in test cricket .. So right now his prayers mostly involves the wish that Ponting gets out early whenever he is on the crease .. One of our family friends Mr. Surajiwala even suffered from a heart-attack when Javed Miandad hit Chetan Sharma for a last-ball six ..

My 80-year old Nani (Grandmother) is a big cricket fan too .. even at this age, she captures every bit of news which involves our team, our captains and any damn controversies .. She even has many suggestions for our team like who should open and who should come in the middle order to name a few .. She watches cricket matches in her room having bhagwan-ki-maala in one hand andr emote in the other .. She even takes out her anger and disgust when Sehwag gets out playing a foolish and unnecessary slog shot .. It is so thrilling to watch those expressions ..

There is this thing called heriditary and genetics .. Hence I do have inherited this cricket-craziness and passion from my family .. I too watch all most all the matches amid tight schedules and office timings .. I’m also more into statistics and records .. I love to keep myself updated about almost every records and statistics of the cricket world .. My cousin and I have never missed watching a single match that has been played in Ahmedabad during our teens .. We used to plan in advance about it as how to bunk the school, tutions and how to prepare if exams are near .. Watching IPL matches in Mumbai was fun .. I even prayed and recited Hanuman Chalisa almost thousand times when our team was losing in the world cup final in 2003 .. It even rained and match was about to get canceled but then it started and we eventually lost .. May be the GOD was with Australian fans and heard their prayers which really made the clouds and in turn rain invisible and the match was resumed ..

I’m also lucky to get a wife who likes cricket and has knowledge of cricket rules (Not LBWs though !!) and even loves watching it on TV .. I even remembered her shouts, anger and agony when ‘Mumbai Indians‘ lost last year’s IPL match and failed to qualify for the semi-finals .. She was furious ..

So my message to all the wives/girl friends who have problems with their soul mate’s cricket passion:

1) Cricket is religion for us and Sachin is our God ..

2) We do care for you and love you but we too have the same feeling for Team India as much as you have the love for shopping and gossiping ..

3) World around us becomes standstill for cricket fans like us when there is an important match going on or when there is a tense moment .. Please let us eat our nails during these tense moments as we dont like advices at that particular time ..

4) Whenever possible, please say whatever you have to say during commercials when any match is going on ..

Oh !! it’s 2 in the afternoon and I’m heading to cricinfo site for live cricket scores of India v/s New Zealand match which will start in a short while in Colombo ..

All the best India .. All the best Sachin ..


8 Responses to “Religion : Cricket – God : Sachin !”

  1. hahahahahah so u have me and ur love for Cricket to thank for the inspiration for the blog πŸ™‚

    Now, coming to your points!

    I like Cricket. I understand the game. At one point of time, I could actually name all the players of all the teams in the world (For me, that was an achievement since none of the girls i knew in school could do that! :P) And yes almost always, I can make out an LBW! πŸ™‚

    As I grew, the passion increased! But it was limited to watching India matches. I took leave from work on the day of India-Pakistan finals during World Cup T20 the year before last!

    I have no issues with a game of cricket every now and then. But, I have issues when alarms ring at 3 AM in the morning because there is a match between Bangladesh and Sri Lanka and I have issues when I do not get to sleep for a month the IPL is on! (Even if I drift off to sleep by mistake, a shout of "YES!" would soon jolt me back to cruel reality!!). Being in Singapore, the matches would go on till 3-4 AM every day.

  2. well am no major fan of cricket but yes I need an update of the match every now & then. And I can not watch a complete match and neither can I stand anyone else doing the same πŸ˜‰

  3. Interesting. My family has always been interested in cricket and when I was young I used to watch all the matches. Unfortunately the job, motherhood etc made it impossible to watch any tv at all! Now my interest has completely gone, and I guess it is because my husband watches tennis, not cricket. Last year I managed to watch IPL and my husband used to nag me to shut off the tv and finally after watching a bit I used to do that. This time I was less interested in IPL, but maybe because it was abroad. Lets see next year!

  4. Totally Agreed with you Sota !!! Its not just about watching matches, but for playing cricket and that too only for 5 hours on a single saturday, these girls(wives) have something to complain about. Well The Immortals are on a roll of their own currently, I just came back after winning a close tight game to enter the Semi Finals of the Gold Cup that we are currently playing. But as we were playing it was bad to see India lose against Sri Lanka …

    About your dad I still remember, that during a match I think we were at your place, one room was filled with your dad and his friends and the other one with us. And I think Sachin got out, and your dad shouted on top of his voice to rattle us πŸ™‚ man he is seriously a strong follower and I have witnessed that.

    And speaking about your cricketing love, man we did offer you the position of coaching us in USC but you gave up man lol !!!


  5. yu r true my frnd

  6. excellent post … could relate to each and every statement .. πŸ˜‰

    yesterday I broke down on seeing India lose to Pakistan … how much I hated that moment .. x-(

    half of our country is cricket krazzzyy … India is our country and cricket is our religion … and ofcourse , Sachin is our God … πŸ˜€

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    • As a Cricket fan of SL I can’t fully agree with him what he stated about Arjuna & 1996 WC. It was Sri Lankan born Australian ( Dave Whatmore) Cricketer (& the team maenneamgt) that should get the 80% of credit who had fined tuned & built confidence in the minds of our talented batsmen like Aravinda, Hashan & Mahanam (who could play risk-free innings) & bowlers like Murali, Vass & Dharmasena (who had total control over their bowling). If he was such a good captain & player, why he couldn’t do the same in 1999 as well? As for administration of SLC, it was him who should get the main responsibility for ousting of true, descent &qualified Administrators (that we had up to then) in rallying around with businessmen. His elder brother was a member of this chain of corrupted administrators.Whatever the circumstance would have been his behavior on that day in Australia was not a work of an intelligent person, he had no right to direct fingers at a match official. If he had been from any other country, his cricket career would have been over with that incident.Well-loved. (+20)

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