Sachin recently hit the tremendous 175 against Australia but his toiling efforts went in complete vain as our tail-handlers could not even score 19 runs .. As soon as Sachin was back in the pavallion, the rest of the batsmen fell like a pack of cards .. We lost the battle by a very very narrow margin .. I mean it’s nothing new .. It has happened so many times now that we are used to it now .. I was so dishearten and disappointed and so as millions of other Indians and cricket fans ..

Recently got a forwarded mail which states the reson why Sachin is hated everywhere and it truly reflects my thoughts and my mind ..

Following are the reasons why I hate Sachin:

1. He always plays a brilliant innings before my exam and hence doesn’t let me study.

2. Every time that I think of becoming an atheist, he gets into the nineties and I have no choice but to pray.

3. Every time I take a resolution not to bite my nails, he gets into the nineties and I am left with no choice but to chew on my nails.

4. He costs way too much on ‘super selector’ but since I have to pick him, the rest of my team gets weakened.

5. During a match, invariably when I want to go to the bathroom, he hits a boundary and hence I have no choice but to sit and watch the replay. Even my father/friends wont allow me to change the sit when Sachin is batting. No one cares about my agony.

6. As soon as I convince myself that God does not exist, he plays a straight drive and proves me wrong.

7. He brings the whole country to a standstill whenever he bats.

8. And the last and the biggest reason why I hate Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar …

He is going to retire sometime in the future .. A slightest thought about his retirement brings tears in my eyes .. When he will retire, I feel that my life will come to a complete standstill .. How will I live without watching him on the field, without seeing him scoring tons and tons of runs, without hearing his baby voice .. Uffff , why Sachin why ?? .. Why were you born In India and why did you play cricket ?? .. We just love you so much that we cant see you going ..

As they say, commit all your crime when Sachin is batting, coz even GOD is watching his batting.

That he can feel more pain than the youngest team member and the oldest fan, is a fact that deserves a story by itself.

But for me, that is enough to forget my pain and stand in unreserved applause for the man who makes me feel more Indian than any other.

So true !! Hats off to the master !!


8 Responses to “Reasons Why I Hate Sachin”

  1. Lolz!!! A true blue Sachin fan! 🙂

  2. LOL… i was like "hun???" when i read the heading of this post and started smiling as soon as i reached the reasons for your hatred! 😀 😀

  3. Only one word for him – U N B E L I E V A B L E !
    Only one emotion for him – M E S M E R I Z I N G !
    Only one praise for him – F A N T A B U L O U S !
    Only one prayer for him – W O R L D C U P 2 0 1 1 !
    Only one wish for him – 50 ODI 100s, 50 Test 100s !

    Only one word to end my comment – S P E C T A C U L A R !!!

  4. For a minute I was taken aback. 🙂 But then the list of reasons have told me how much you love Sachin!

  5. Ha ha…Mr.Editor,Very well done,aftr reading d title i was shocked dat hw can hardcore fan of Master blaster can b so harsh…I remember our fights & passion abot sachin's batting…u remember even we do not allow anyone to get out of room neither one can enter while he is on fire(Specialy Shyam)…Still dat 142 knock against Australia @ Amit uncle's party with dat TV in open area is still close to my soul
    Cheers to sachin,Cheers to Cricket..!

  6. I like your post. It was wonderful performance by Sachin.
    Congrats to Sachin Dear Little Master.

    Glorious World Record Moments – Sachin Tendulkar 200 Runs

  7. I was think how some one have reason for hating him ..
    even bowler who get six by sachin bats dont hate him ..
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