People of India often take out their disgust and anger on Indian politicians and frankly most of them deserve this anguish .. But in Gujarat, there is a different trend altogether .. Here people just love, adore,admire and respect their CM – Mr. Narendra Modi ..

Yesterday Mr. Narendra Modi travelled in Bus Rapid Transit System(BRTS) – Janmarg local transport bus to reach GMDC ground where a get-to-gather with media persons was organized. After buying a ticket, he boarded the bus and started his journey towards the destination ..

One lady who looked quite well-off and educated asked for Modi’s autograph and also requested that he must write the date and time so that her family remembers can believe that she was with Modi in a bus ..

One gentleman asked Modi to talk to his wife on his mobile phone and Modi happily acknowledged his request ..

While returning Modi took the same bus .. This time he was not taht lucky as there was no vacant seat .. So he completed and enjoyed his journey by standing all the way through .. Of course people offered their seats to their heart-throb CM but he politely refused it .. Many school and college students asked for his autographs and he happily their wishes ..

I have not seen people taking autographs other than of film starts or of cricketers .. Truly remarkable and noteworthy ..

Incidentally, yesterday Modi completed 3000 days as Chief Minister of Gujarat. So the CM(Chief Minister) mingled with CM(Common man) ..

3000 days but still people love and respect him the same as they used to do when he sworn in as CM for the first time ..

3000 days but there is no single anti-incumbency factor against him or against his governance ..

And it’s worthless to mention about Gujarat’s progress under his dynamic and visionary leadership .. Statistics, awards and all the surveys tell the story themselves let alone people’s love and respect for Narendra Modi ..


5 Responses to “Narendra Modi’s day out with CM (Common Men)”

  1. Modi has always set examples and has lead his state from the front.
    Can we find more like him in the country??

  2. Yes Mr.Editor…He is the master of his own field called "Perfection"
    Salute to him for the devlopements & Vision.

    He is unstoppable & here to cross 10,ooo Days with our own Garvi Gujarat.

    Jai Ho….!

  3. I have always admired this man for being different!

  4. Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

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