Well, the grand old party of India Congress has done it again which it does the best since independence – Misgovern and Mismanagement ..

It first divided us on religion basis when our highly qualified and quite sober PM Mr. Manmohan Singh calmly and tactfully said that ke minority of India has the first right on everything which belongs here (Yeah, yeah : as if we majority has done some kind of crime in this country which we proudly called as Hindustan !!) ..

Then it divided us on lingual/region basis when Maharashtra CM Ashok Chavan passed the bill which stated that taxi permits should be given to only those who can read, write and speak fluent marathi .. (Yeah, yeah : how different are you know from MNS and Shivsena !! .. Hypo crates ..)

And then it touched the lowest bottom when the prices of vegetables, oil, fruits etc went way way way high that an aam aadmi (common man) cant even cope up with .. Cant even survive .. Cant even live .. But it does not affect them .. They are still more concerned about SRK and his film My Name is Khan ..

Just look at the chart below :

Price (in Rs.)

Daily Consumable

Year 2009

Year 2010

Increment (%)





Moong Daal
















Eggs( / dz.)




Green Peas
















But no one is really concerned .. Not Congress .. Not opposition .. Not media .. Not Burkha Dutt or Not Rajdeep Sardesai ..

Pakistan is killing our army jawans on a daily basis .. It is bombing and firing at borders and violating cease farm since last two weeks .. It invades our home and kills people in hospitals, local trains, hotels, bars, railway stations .. But still we need them to play cricket here .. we need them to sing in our films .. We need them for ‘Aman ki Asha‘ ..

I still feel that where have our self-respect, Indian pride, patriotism vanished? .. we have not achieved anything by talks with Pakistan in last 60 years so now why we need Aman ki Asha? .. Seriously we are blind-folded and programmed by few so-called intellectual people and we are making huge huge mistakes ..

But we are Indians and we never learn from our mistakes .. So I’m neither shocked nor surprised ..

(P.S. : Just saw the NEWS that LPG is going be dearer by 100, kerosene by 45, petrol by 4 and diesel by 2 RS ..)

God help us !!


17 Responses to “Congress ki Sarkar, Aam Aadmi pe Atyachar”

  1. We have known that there is a big rise in prices. The table that you have shown makes an excellent point on how rates have increased in one year.

    Unfortunately, not much can be done by the common man who is suffering.

  2. You know why would they be concerned by issues like these!! There are imp issues to handle like whom does Mumbai belong to!!!

    Lets not even talk about prices!!! But honestly speaking fuel & gas prices need to be increased! We have enjoyed the cushion of subsidy for long it is time that we pay what it really costs us!

  3. I think we have lost out.
    I can not find a single issue on which I could compliment the congress.
    Non governance and non accountability is the name of the game.
    We have lost it.

  4. Bass.. Abhi hame ye congress sarkar nahi chahiye..Abhi hame vahi sarkar chahiye jo Aam aadmi ki taklif jane aur apni sanskriti ka, dharma ka khayal kare aur prachar kare.. Chahe vo kaun si bhi ho ya phir naya paksha ho.

  5. Once again as you already know, I am not much into politics, names and who's who .. Am quite not aware of that, due to my lack of interest in that arena, BUT, I completely agree with you here on the point that, when looked through the eyes of a common man, someone who earns and spends daily, these basic necessities of life are now becoming luxuries for him. What used to be a daily meal now might have become once a week, or once a fortnight treat for him due to these hike in prices.

  6. Ooofff…. Didn't know that Inflation has caused this much Disaster….!!! Thx for the Data man….

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  11. Interesting info, Soham. It's sad to read the chart numbers.

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