Yipeeeeeeeeeeeee !! .. What more an ardent and avid cricket fan like me can ask for ?? .. IPL is going to commence from next week and that too in India .. Wow !! .. I’m so much excited !! .. Whether you call it “Indian Premier League” or “Indian Paisa League” or “Indian Pawar league” but it certainly has created hype and interest among the cricket lovers all over the world .. Huge money involved .. So much glamor involved but most importantly so much of thrill and excitement are involved ..

Its inauguration ceremony will be held in Navi Mumbai on Friday .. It seems that it will be grand and fabulous .. Shahrukh, Preity Zinta, Katrina Kaif etc will be sitting in the stadium and will be watching the match .. Spectators will be in huge dilemma – what to watch for : So many international cricketers on the field, Towering sixes and awesome deliveries, Film stars in the stands or ‘Hot and Beautiful’ Cheer-leaders near the boundary ropes .. It will surely be a stunning celeb-packed night .. And the most exciting part is – I MIGHT GO TO WATCH THIS MATCH !!!

By the way, this time once again, there is no team from Ahmedabad in IPL .. So I will be cheering for Mumbai Indians because Mumbai is my work place .. It’s the city which gives me my bread and butter…My Karm-Bhoomi .. Another obvious reason is the presence of almighty himself – Sachin and Jayasurya in the team ..

So now Everyday at 8 PM after coming to office, I will stick to my TV ignoring the bunch of activities and people !! .. It is awesome to watch so many different players of different nationalities get togather and play as a unit .. I hope I will have a gala time in future ..

Yeah .. The one more thing I will be glued to is IPL Fantasy Cricket on http://fantasyipl.sportspundit.com

It’s a website where Members can create a profile and receive a Fantasy Budget to create their own โ€˜Fantasy Cricket Teamโ€™ of 11 players of the IPL .. This Fantasy team will then receive points based on the real life performance of the players selected .. Every member will be allowed to enter one team only .. More details about the game, you can heck out on the website that I have mentioned ..

And more importantly, there are grand prizes are also to be given .. The team with the highest total score after the league is finished will win a cash prize of $500. Second prize is $300 and third is $200. The best team each week will win an IPL cricket shirt of their choice .. Wow, I’m surely gonna rock this time ..

So for all the information about crcket world and IPL, go to:
Cricket News
Fantasy Cricket

So guys subscribe for it and have a ball out there while watching the IPL .. It sounds like a real fun ..

All the very best to Mumbai Indians and I hope they win this time ..


4 Responses to “Fun Time : IPL-3 & IPL Fantasy Cricket”

  1. I too am eagerly waiting for it start and I am yet again supporting Kings XI ๐Ÿ™‚ though there are many reasons for which i shud be supporting Mumbai but I won't ๐Ÿ˜€

    U are not planning to catch any match live???

  2. @Smita :

    I'm going for the opening match in Navi mumbai ..

    Also planning for one of the matches being played in ahmedabad !!

  3. Lucky You Man !!! Tari life set che weekdays ma evening ma ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ :)…
    Amarey ahiya online job par aviney links par badhu jovanu yaar !!!!

  4. Nice resources man….
    What's all this about Rendezvous Conspiracy in the newspapers about Kochi Team?
    I am zero in Cricket. Write a post on this Conspiracy so that people like me can understand what's exactly going on in the ipl world….!!!

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