Last Sunday, I went to Ahmedabad from Mumbai to cast my vote in Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation election. Along with Ahmedabad, five other cities too were observing civic polls including Surat, Vadodara, Rajkot, Jamnagar and Bhavnagar .. The way dissatisfaction and disappointment have been shown by BJP workers for the ticket distribution, it seemed that this election will be an uphill task for BJP as BJP had captured all six municipal corporation five years ago .. So it was predicted that anti-establishment, anti-incumbency and demotivated BJP workers may make BJP’s win very tough ..

But this guy named Narendra Modi has this uncanny knack of surprising people and crushing his opponents .. He went to public with one and only one agenda and that is the development and progressive work that he and his government are doing since last 10 years of his regime .. And he was not made disappointed again by people of Gujarat .. People of Gujarat has again shown faith in NaMo and BJP .. The results were out today and BJP has won all the six Municipal Corporations (Ahmedabad, Rajkot, vadodara, Surat, JamNagar and Bhavnagar) with thumping majority .. Urban voters of Gujarat has given clear mandate to BJP and NaMo .. Congress is stunned and crushed .. Congress has no escape route and it might have to do some rigorous soul-searching to save its very existence in Gujarat ..

Final Results of 2010 Civic Polls of Gujarat:

Ahmedabad (Total : 189)
BJP wins 149
Congress wins 37 seats
others win 3 seats

Surat (Total : 114)
BJP wins 98 seats
Congress wins 14
Others get 2

Rajkot (Total : 69)
BJP wins 58
Congress 11
Others 0

Vadodara (Total : 75)
BJP wins 61
Congress 11
Others 3

Jamnagar (Total : 57)
BJP wins 35
Congress 16
Others 6

Bhavnagar (Total : 51)
BJP wins 41
Congress 10
Others 0

Despite of the relentless attack on and slanderous campaign against Narendra Modi by electronic media, Congress and BJP-Rebels, he has always come out winner time and again .. Under his leadership, Gujarat has taken giant strides as far as development, infrastructure and progress are concerned .. He has made Gujarat one of the foremost progressive states .. Even the Planning Commission has praised the Gujarat government for the judicial way of spending the money allotted to that state .. He has created confidence in investors in various projects that Gujarat is a safe place for investment .. He has proved this definition ‘Good Governance is Bad Politics‘ wrong again and again ..

Other feathers in the cap of NaMo:

  • 2002 Assembly Election (LandSlide Victory — 2/3rd Majority)
  • 2005 Civic Polls (Wins all six Municipal Corporation with huge margin — 2/3rd Majority)
  • 2007 Assembly Election (Thumping Win — 2/3rd Majority)
  • 2008-2010 Bye Elections (Won Congress Bastion like Danta, Chotila, Kathlal etc which BJP had never won)
  • 2010 Civic Polls (Results are out today and BJP wins all six corporation with 2/3rd majority)

Narendra Modi is one of the most articulate, intelligent and gifted public servants currently in office in India. Without a doubt, the credit for Gujarat’s progress and development goes to NaMo .. We Gujjus owe him a huge debt for his courage, tenacity and dedication in putting Gujarat back on its feet after earthquake and godhra-riots ..

** Take a bow LEADER **

I will conclude by mentioning the lesson that I learned by watching and analysing Narendra Modi’s life :



11 Responses to “The Unstoppable – NaMo”

  1. Thanks for Posting Sir

  2. a real nice post and well written. all the more i liked ur conclusion. keep it up mate.

  3. There is no doubt about Narendra Modi's capabilities. At some point, we need not tell it to people because they can see. The only problem is next generation leaders for BJP in Gujarat.

    It is standard problem of all time. If you have one very powerful leader, the other goes into comfort zone and will be shadowed by powerful one. We better start thinking and planning for "BJP in Gujarat after Modi"

  4. Good writeup dude…Really liked it.You gujjus are blessed ones cos you have NAMO as your tallest leader. I am from Karnataka and i need to tell anything more…

  5. congress washed off from Gujarat, thanks to NAMO. Gr8 man we need him for Delhi, but after completing his job in the state.

  6. It only goes to show that Godhra has been forgotten by Gujarat but not by biased media and congress.
    The only way forward is development and prosperity for all.That is what makes Modi different and the centre must take him on board in confidence to improve governance.

  7. Thanks for sharing. He is certainly unstoppable. I am sure in 3 years, he will be accepted by all Indians.

  8. Very well written. After the Gujarat Riots, he got a lot of negative publicity.

    But his actions since then have only helped silence his most vehement critics all over.

    Look at the amount of work he's done. The roads, water supply, civic issues.

    You name it he's made it better than before.

    He rules his state with a iron fist. I've a few friends in Gujarat who have nothing but praise for the local goverment there. The red-tape is *almost* non-existent (we'll you can't have everything, and this is India afterall)

    There is no doubt whatsoever that if NaMo gets onto the national scene, there will be no stopping him.

  9. Dear Soham, Very good observation. I firmly believe that the Goddess of fortune is bestowing Her blessings with thousand hands on NAMO and Sachin Tendulkar alike as their performance is beyond imagination. Keep writing. God bless you.
    –Balkrishna Surajiwala

  10. Soham, this is very interesting and great for Narendra Modi. People do have a short memory in politics. The way he is going he is going to make Gujarat the best in India. Maharashtra is going downhill.

  11. Great posting dude. For me NaMo and Sachin are the only living legend in this world. Without any doubt in my mind he is the best leader ever produced in political history of India after the iron-man Shri Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. If Gandhi won't have asked Vallabhbhai to step down as PM of India then our country would have been in a completely different shape right now.

    NaMo has the vision to turn Gujarat into Japan or Singapore in few years and this is clearly evident from the amount of investment he is bringing in the state thru Vibrant Gujarat Summit each year (besides all the development that he has done in his 10 years period as our CM). I hope he continues to serve as our CM for at least next 20 years. Long Live Shri Narendra Damodardas Modi.

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