To explain what happened, I need to go back to my teen days in the year 2000 .. I just had appeared for my HSC(12th std exam) and when I went back home after my last exam, mom-dad gifted me a mobile .. Mobile was Nokia and the service was of CelSuvidha .. It was a prepaid card .. At that time, outgoing call used to cost RS while incoming calls RS 3 for that matter .. It was an expensive gadget to play with !!

Then I took admission in Engineering and I was the only one which cell phone in my entire class .. Sometimes I felt awkward too but I was enjoying it .. The service CelSuvidha which I was using has been now called as Hutch .. Using the same number, I talked to so many people who are now my close friends .. By using the same number, I first time talked to that special strange of my engineering class who later became my friend, then a good friend, then a very good friend .. And it then went on from close friends to best friends to girl-friend to fiancee and today my wife .. Those long nights of free-night calling of Hutch, those free 2000 SMS per month of Hutch etc are unforgettable memories .. I have had this unexpressed sentimental attachment with my number .. So being a mom a mom, she knew about my affection to this number, she even recharged and continued the same number when I went to US for higher studies .. Even though, no one was using it, mom made sure that number does not get deactivated .. Meanwhile all this happenings, Hutch had turned into VodaFone

When I returned from US for good and started my job in Mumbai, I still continued my Ahmedabad number .. So now I had two numbers – one from Ahmedabad and one from Mumbai .. Both from VodaFone as I really had no problem whatsoever till now ..

But then, before 7 months I came to US for a project assignment and got so busy in day-to-day life that I forgot to recharge my Ahmedabad number and it got deactivated .. Mom one day called and gave me the sad news.. I called VodaFone customer care and they said that as I ave not recharged my number, it got disconnected and it has been assigned to someone else .. So I cannot buy back that number .. I was saddened to hear that .. I tried calling that number but it still said “This number is temporarily deactivated” .. So I had little hope that it may still haven’t been given to any customer
So I googled the names and emails of the Nodal Officer of VodaFone of Gujarat/Ahmedabad circle and I emailed him my pain and agony of losing this number and my emotional attachment to it .. Companies in India re very well known for their anti-customer approach but I had this mysterious kind of hope in some place of my heart that I may get lucky here !!

And the magic happened .. Mom got a call from VodaFone executive and she told her that they have received an email from me and they are trying their best to locate the number .. And mom being so passionate about whatever she does, she just followed up with the executive for 2-3 days and as she was getting proper response from the executive, she became hopeful too .. One of my close friends Shridhar who was working for Idea cellular few years ago too helped me as he had many contacts in mobile arena .. Hence after 3 days, that executive called mom and asked her to go to any VodaFone store and asked her to recharge the card so that they can activate it again on my name .. VodaFone Nodal officer also replied to my email confirming the same .. After recharging it, mom called me from the same number and I was so happy to see that number flashing on my cell ..

A small email requesting to activate my number after I lost it completely had done the trick .. And it is not possible if we don’t have such customer-friendly, customer-caring people in VodaFone .. This is just unbelievable for me to even think of ..

I would like to express my gratitude and a big thanks from the bottom my heart to Ms. Maulika Chandramouli (Nodal Officer VodaFone) and Ms. Jigna Raghwani(Executive who called Mom) for their cooperation, help and support throughout .. Without you guys, my happiness would have not been possible .. You have brought a smile on someones face- may god bless you both !!

VodaFone Rocks !!


2 Responses to “Vodafone ki Kahani – Loyal Customer ki Jubaani”

  1. good to hear your good are probably very very lucky…
    cause believe me I can personally give you 100 of examples where vodafone has shown no care what so ever for any customer…

  2. This must be true in your case.
    Though, I am a Vodafone client, but my personal experiences are not very good.

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