Anna Hazare

Anna Hazare

Well, I admit that I’m fortunate to see after a long time that one common man without any political power, muscle power or money power has taken our country by storm .. A man with no personal agenda or any political gain has awakened the sleeping India .. A man who has nothing on his plate has completely shaken the government which has too much on it’s plate .. The man knows as Anna Hazare and commonly addressed as Anna Saheb ..

The Jan Lokpal Bill (The Citizen Ombudsman Bill) is a bill/law/method that will form an autonomous authority who will make politicians (ministers), bureaucrats (IAS/IPS) accountable for their (mis)deeds.

In a nutshell, Anna Saheb is advocating for a Jan LokPal Bill and demanding that Indian government must pass LokPal Bill in the parliament .. His other demands also include 50% Govt – 50% public participation in Lokpal .. Basically there are two versions of LokPal Bill – the one that govt has drafted and the one Anna’s team has drafted – known as Jan Lokpal Bill.The LokPal Bill a law or a mean by which corrupt politicians, bureaucrats, authorities, judiciary and even Prime Minister of India can be made accountable for corruption and can be brought under a trial. Though government’s bill exclude Prime Minister, parliamentarians and Judiciary from the LokPal Bill, while Anna’s version includes all and demands that no one is above the law. That’s where the problem started as government is not ready to accept what Anna Saheb is demanding. I have not studied both the drafts of Lokpal Bill so I may be wrong somewhere in what I’m conveying. But I have tried my best to lean on a true side.

To fulfill his demands, Anna Hazare and his supporters announced that he will sit on indefinite fast from 16th August at JP Park in Delhi. He always stated that he is a Gandhian and his protest will always be peaceful and non-violent. Fearing a law and order problem(?), Delhi police which basically report to Home Minister arrestd Anna from his home while he was asleep. And that’s where govt fell upside down. People’s anger came on streets in form of protests, arrests, candle-light vigils, facebook-twitter updates and so on. The same set of vocal people like Ambika Soni, Diggy Raja,Manish Tewari, Kapil Sibbal who always portray biased views tried their best to defend govt’s action but my friends, sometimes you just can’t defend the indefensible & they ended up being nothing more than a laughing stock 🙂 .. As per latest update,Anna was taken to Tihar Jail .. And then at aroing 9 PM, it was announced that Anna will be released without any charges(!!) and but no Anna doesn’t want to go from jail .. More problems to Govt 🙂 ..

Now, let me come to my opinion. As I mentioned I don’t have any deep knowledge of Lokpal Bill nor I care to study both the drafts. I just believe that any citizen of India has got every right to stand against government and to hold non-violent protest. After all, we are the largest democracy in the world and in the name of freedom of expression/art/speech, Haven’t we already given free hand to so many anti-national people to defame/abuse India?

Rahul Easwar rightly said following on Twitter which resembles my thoughts:

  • Arundati Roy had freedom to shout “Destroy India”,
  • MF Husain painted “Rape of India”,
  • Geelani said “Kashmir belongs to Pakistan.”
  • So why single-handedly harassing Anna and his supports just because he is standing against you?

I know this is not going to end corruption .. Corruption in India is not only limited to policians. Corruption and dishonesty is rampant in every sphere of life – every field and proffession is affected by it .. If we really want our top brass to be corruption free, we ourselves need to step up a bit .. We will have to stop indulging in corruption and bribes .. Lets change ourselves first and then lets dream of a betetr world ..

But the way Anna’s movement was handled – it calls for oppose/anger and frustration. Autocratic and authoritative govt we have always hated .. Cong should remember how it was wiped out just after Emergency was lifted ..

Looking at the approach taken by Congress, one thing is very sure that:

  • Whoever is advising Cong high-command, he or she seems to ave a sole agenda to destroy Congress OR
  • Congress is going by history. It feels that middle class will rave and rent about it for some time and after a while, it will still indulge in caste-based, religion-based voting pattern which always benefited Congress.

But one thing is sure that more this government misbehaves with its own people, harder it will be hit by the same people ..

And the day full of panic, anarchy, chaos and a little satisfaction ended by a loud laugh : Congress-funded media houses NDTV and CNN-IBN were praising Rahul Gandhi as he intervened and demanded that Anna should be releaed .. Earlier our Home Minister stated that Delhi Police has arrested Anna .. So when arrests come, it’s Delhi Police and when release comes, it’s Rahul Gandhi ..God PR job guys – you gys are value for all the money spent !

Goodbye but don’t bid bye to this movement, this struggle, this revolution ..It’s time to rise-up and make the difference .. Spread the anger – spread the word – spread support .. जागो सोनेवालो ..

So do you all support Anna Hazare? If no,then how do you plan to curb corruption from India? What are your views on Anna and also on Lokpal Bill?

Jai Hind.. Vande Mataram


8 Responses to “Anna Hazare : Wind of Change”

  1. Good post Soham, i having read both the bills, and as far as i have understood, is supporting Anna in all ways possible for me. I would like to point out here that the LokPal proposed by govt doesnt allow any investigation on the PM in matters relating to “foreign affairs, security and defence” so in a way promoting him to do big business 😛

    Moreover i feel this movement will not be ending without the lokpal bill being passed is because for the first time my real friends, the ones i went college with took part in the protest yesterday and will be a part of the protest that will start from india gate today, felt so good. So the point is that this time the common man is taking part and showing its anger. Its something to be proud of and at the same time to be ashamed of having arrived at such a situation, though somewhere in our minds we know that we have been responsible for all this.

    • This is great mate. Good that ppl are coming out of their comfort zones and standing up against corruption. This is the INDIA we wanted to see. Good that it’s happening.

  2. Dear Soham,

    Very Good Article. Touched the heart.

    Link that give comparision between The Govt. Bill and the Jan Lokpal bill.

    • Thanks Manishkaka for sharing the link.

      It really is usefl to understand what is included and what is not in Govt’s Lokpal Bill.

      • dear soham iam really happy reading your artical.i am proud father. your language is amazing.articulation is perfect.keep it up.

      • Dear Soham,
        such a nice article…! truely your kind of YUVA SHAKTI is going to make difference in our beloved country & will bring back ” SONE KI CHIDIA” on India tree..
        but i really wonder today which political party wants India as SONE KI CHIDIA..? to me all most all members of parties want SONE KI CHIDIA in their homes….!
        God bless us……
        but still YOU r our hope…..
        God is with u…..

  3. Dear soham,Iam extremly happy reading your article.I am really proud father.Your understanding, about subject issuperb.yourlanguage is marvellous.Please write more andmore. I WISH you good spirit and energy.

  4. People say that the Anna campaign hurts democracy, but I am willing to support it anyway. There is never a black and a white. Life is all about the gray and so it is with this movement. I agree that there are a lot of things about Lokpal which are not workable but why I like this movement is that it has made people sit up and think. Yes some of the very people who are supporting this movement maybe corrupt themselves but this movement will drive a wedge of guilt in them.
    Ideally Anna should have started a movement to educate people on how to vote properly. Not take money for votes and he should have also fought for a stronger no-vote measure. He could have also pressed for an election legislation which mandated that more than 25% of no-votes meant the candidate was disqualified. This is a way for a long term solution for a corruption-free government. Electing honest politicians. I feel Anna should have done this, but the truth is that we cannot expect everything. He is doing it his way. That is why the Anna movement has my full support. It has created massive awareness about corruption and I believe something good will come out of it. I believe that democracy in India will survive this onslaught!

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