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  1. Very Nyc….

  2. Hi there,
    I’m Brian, a passionate writer specialized in technology. After wandering on the Internet for writing inspiration, I accidentally came across your article {{ArticleURL}} and found that you have a broken link to http://www.cuil.com/
    On reminiscing the glorious past of Cuil, I nearly forgot how the promising rival of Google turned to an epic failure of all time. And so do most of us.
    That said, I decided to come up with the article What Happened To Cuil? The Thought-To-Be Google Killer to give the audience a glance of the historic failure of Cuil and hope you can give us an honorable mention.
    I’d be highly appreciated if you can spend a bit of time to read my article and afterward, it’s up to you to decide whether you want to swap the link or not. 😀
    Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this

  3. I would love it if you update your blog! It is very entertaining.

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