Hey Folks .. How is it going ???

Well, I wrote my last post exactly on the day when IPL started and now this post exactly on the day when IPL has ended that too in a very disappointing manner with all the allegations, scandals and other off-field incidents .. This IPL was special to me as I saw opening ceremony, closing ceremony and one other match(MI vs Deccan) at D Y Patil Stadium & one match (Royal vs KKR) at Motera, Ahmedabad ..

I may sound like a maniac but I’m not able to imagine a life without IPL .. I may take some time to come out of this sudden (not really !!) shock .. Since last one and half months, at this time I was just glued to my idiot box watching and enjoying IPL matches .. But now IPL is over and I feel like I have lost a dear and close companion of mine .. Yesterday since 8 PM, I am feeling like something is missing in my schedule .. This was the charisma of IPL .. It really made me(us !!!) addicted .. I hope that all other cricket fans are also passing through the same phase and also suffering from the same ‘missing-IPL’ syndrome .. But no matter what, I’m not gonna watch Indian Idol series yet again with all the melodrama and less talent ..

Before I again fade in oblivion, I would like to thank Mr. Lalit Modi for such an amazing tournament and such a grand execution of it .. It made Cricket and thus in return, India a global brand .. IPL may not be L.Modi’s idea but he surely has executed and planned it with perfection .. It’s really sad to see him go like this .. But I feel he’s a fighter and he will fight the battle bravely .. At least he should take down other culprits with him .. I’m not sure whether IPL – 4 will take place or not so this year I enjoyed IPL as if there is no IPL next year ..

Are you missing IPL???


Yipeeeeeeeeeeeee !! .. What more an ardent and avid cricket fan like me can ask for ?? .. IPL is going to commence from next week and that too in India .. Wow !! .. I’m so much excited !! .. Whether you call it “Indian Premier League” or “Indian Paisa League” or “Indian Pawar league” but it certainly has created hype and interest among the cricket lovers all over the world .. Huge money involved .. So much glamor involved but most importantly so much of thrill and excitement are involved ..

Its inauguration ceremony will be held in Navi Mumbai on Friday .. It seems that it will be grand and fabulous .. Shahrukh, Preity Zinta, Katrina Kaif etc will be sitting in the stadium and will be watching the match .. Spectators will be in huge dilemma – what to watch for : So many international cricketers on the field, Towering sixes and awesome deliveries, Film stars in the stands or ‘Hot and Beautiful’ Cheer-leaders near the boundary ropes .. It will surely be a stunning celeb-packed night .. And the most exciting part is – I MIGHT GO TO WATCH THIS MATCH !!!

By the way, this time once again, there is no team from Ahmedabad in IPL .. So I will be cheering for Mumbai Indians because Mumbai is my work place .. It’s the city which gives me my bread and butter…My Karm-Bhoomi .. Another obvious reason is the presence of almighty himself – Sachin and Jayasurya in the team ..

So now Everyday at 8 PM after coming to office, I will stick to my TV ignoring the bunch of activities and people !! .. It is awesome to watch so many different players of different nationalities get togather and play as a unit .. I hope I will have a gala time in future ..

Yeah .. The one more thing I will be glued to is IPL Fantasy Cricket on http://fantasyipl.sportspundit.com

It’s a website where Members can create a profile and receive a Fantasy Budget to create their own ‘Fantasy Cricket Team’ of 11 players of the IPL .. This Fantasy team will then receive points based on the real life performance of the players selected .. Every member will be allowed to enter one team only .. More details about the game, you can heck out on the website that I have mentioned ..

And more importantly, there are grand prizes are also to be given .. The team with the highest total score after the league is finished will win a cash prize of $500. Second prize is $300 and third is $200. The best team each week will win an IPL cricket shirt of their choice .. Wow, I’m surely gonna rock this time ..

So for all the information about crcket world and IPL, go to:
Cricket News
Fantasy Cricket

So guys subscribe for it and have a ball out there while watching the IPL .. It sounds like a real fun ..

All the very best to Mumbai Indians and I hope they win this time ..


When he goes out… to bat, people switch …on their television sets and switch off their lives.

I won’t be giving any prizes for guessing what and for who this post is dedicated to !! .. It is obvious from an ardent cricket fan like me ..

I was in office doing my work and watching the live score on cricinfo(even though it’s not allowed !!) .. Slowly and steadily, Sachin reached 50 then 75 then 100 .. I was feeling good but I had no idea what I’m gonna discover few hours later .. Once Tendy reached 150, I had butterflies in my stomach and got this uncanny feeling that today might be the day when this legend is gonna fulfill the dream of millions of Indians(including me!!) to break the record of Saeed Anwar by scoring double-century ..

When he reached 180, I just could not stop myself and took off from office .. Unfortunately today I did not bring my car to office .. So went out and waited for the auto .. But my fate had other story to tell .. Could not get an auto rickshaw for a while .. Was praying and sweating heavily .. Curiosity and anxiety were all over my body .. And suddenly some angel auto arrived and headed towards home ..

I could see every Nukkad, every Pan-shop and every other shop with TV on was full of people cheering Sachin Sachin .. When I was about 1 Km away from my home, I heard from someone that Sachin is on 198 .. Now just can’t miss the moment of his double-ton .. So I took out money, gave it to auto-driver without caring to take the change and ran towards the barber shop which has a tiny little TV on .. It was full of people who were just swearing Dhoni as he was not giving strike to Sachin .. I sat in the shop with a baited breadth and with biting my nails .. Continuous prayer was going on in the background of my mind .. And then the moment arrived .. He took a single by playing a wide ball to the gully area and the whole barber shop which was stand-still and silent a moment ago went on a rampage and fire .. Cheering, yelling, applauding, hugging and all other emotions you can think of .. I had little tears in my eyes when Sachin lifted his bat to acknowledge the crowd .. Just cant forget this moment for my whole life .. And then we won comfortably and convincingly .. This story had a better ending, I must say and must thank god for that .. I had everything : shivers, goosebumps, tears, smiles, laugh and most important feeling that one of my dreams have come true today !!

Social networking sites like twitter and facebook were full of Sachin messages ..

So I would like to pen down some of the twitter messages about the legend which are truely awesome and interesting :

I finally know what god really looks like!! He is about 5″5, maharashtrian and plays cricket!! Tendulkar bapa morya

I think India should have a 200 rupees note now with Sachin embossed on it.

Cricketers wud say ‘i played in the times of sachin’ , we wud say ‘we tweeted in the times of sachin’ ..

A 400+ score from Sachin’s blade in a test fuckin match and I’ll die as a happy n contented man.

BREAKING NEWS : Tendulkar haters decide to retire from all forms of cricket…

The number 200 should consider itself lucky that it has the name TENDULKAR associated with it ..

Sachin Tendulkar- The best there is, there was , and there ever will be……what a player!!!!! no words to describe a player like this!!They are not produced….they are just born like this….GOD IS PLAYING CRICKET…..Salute to the master blaster….

Just look at the love and respect this little maestro is getting from all over the world ..

And ravi Shahstri rightly said : First man on the planet to reach 200 … And it’s the superman from India … Take a bow Master !!!

Yup, take a bow .. Standing ovation for you little maestro .. You are the only Indian who unites other billion Indians ..

I’m so proud of you and so as every proud Indian !!


Sachin recently hit the tremendous 175 against Australia but his toiling efforts went in complete vain as our tail-handlers could not even score 19 runs .. As soon as Sachin was back in the pavallion, the rest of the batsmen fell like a pack of cards .. We lost the battle by a very very narrow margin .. I mean it’s nothing new .. It has happened so many times now that we are used to it now .. I was so dishearten and disappointed and so as millions of other Indians and cricket fans ..

Recently got a forwarded mail which states the reson why Sachin is hated everywhere and it truly reflects my thoughts and my mind ..

Following are the reasons why I hate Sachin:

1. He always plays a brilliant innings before my exam and hence doesn’t let me study.

2. Every time that I think of becoming an atheist, he gets into the nineties and I have no choice but to pray.

3. Every time I take a resolution not to bite my nails, he gets into the nineties and I am left with no choice but to chew on my nails.

4. He costs way too much on ‘super selector’ but since I have to pick him, the rest of my team gets weakened.

5. During a match, invariably when I want to go to the bathroom, he hits a boundary and hence I have no choice but to sit and watch the replay. Even my father/friends wont allow me to change the sit when Sachin is batting. No one cares about my agony.

6. As soon as I convince myself that God does not exist, he plays a straight drive and proves me wrong.

7. He brings the whole country to a standstill whenever he bats.

8. And the last and the biggest reason why I hate Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar …

He is going to retire sometime in the future .. A slightest thought about his retirement brings tears in my eyes .. When he will retire, I feel that my life will come to a complete standstill .. How will I live without watching him on the field, without seeing him scoring tons and tons of runs, without hearing his baby voice .. Uffff , why Sachin why ?? .. Why were you born In India and why did you play cricket ?? .. We just love you so much that we cant see you going ..

As they say, commit all your crime when Sachin is batting, coz even GOD is watching his batting.

That he can feel more pain than the youngest team member and the oldest fan, is a fact that deserves a story by itself.

But for me, that is enough to forget my pain and stand in unreserved applause for the man who makes me feel more Indian than any other.

So true !! Hats off to the master !!


Recently one of my college and blogger friends Nova expressed her annoyance about her hubby’s passion and affection to cricket and how he (unconsciously) ignores her during cricket matches .. Few other girls supported her in her disgust as they were facing the same ditto problem from their husbands’ fondness for cricket ..

This conversation literally kicked away my writer’s block which I was facing since long and gave some gyan in my mind to pen down my thoughts about how cricket-crazy my family is .. Ofcourse, we belong to a cricket fanatic country and my family is no exception in that ..

Let me start with my dad .. I have not seen ardent cricket fan like him in my whole life .. Be it any god-damned match even Bangladesh v/s Kenya, you can find him watching on TV .. Whether it’s 5 AM in the morning New Zealand match or late in the night West-indies match, no matter what, he will stick to his TV ignoring the whole little world around him .. He’s a big Sachin fan .. He wears a pendant which has Sachin’s face on it so that Sachin always remains close to his heart .. When Sachin used to get out, I could see the anger in dad’s eyes and in behaviour .. He is not much into statistical data or a records lover but he does not want Ponting to break the record of Sachin for highest number of centuries in test cricket .. So right now his prayers mostly involves the wish that Ponting gets out early whenever he is on the crease .. One of our family friends Mr. Surajiwala even suffered from a heart-attack when Javed Miandad hit Chetan Sharma for a last-ball six ..

My 80-year old Nani (Grandmother) is a big cricket fan too .. even at this age, she captures every bit of news which involves our team, our captains and any damn controversies .. She even has many suggestions for our team like who should open and who should come in the middle order to name a few .. She watches cricket matches in her room having bhagwan-ki-maala in one hand andr emote in the other .. She even takes out her anger and disgust when Sehwag gets out playing a foolish and unnecessary slog shot .. It is so thrilling to watch those expressions ..

There is this thing called heriditary and genetics .. Hence I do have inherited this cricket-craziness and passion from my family .. I too watch all most all the matches amid tight schedules and office timings .. I’m also more into statistics and records .. I love to keep myself updated about almost every records and statistics of the cricket world .. My cousin and I have never missed watching a single match that has been played in Ahmedabad during our teens .. We used to plan in advance about it as how to bunk the school, tutions and how to prepare if exams are near .. Watching IPL matches in Mumbai was fun .. I even prayed and recited Hanuman Chalisa almost thousand times when our team was losing in the world cup final in 2003 .. It even rained and match was about to get canceled but then it started and we eventually lost .. May be the GOD was with Australian fans and heard their prayers which really made the clouds and in turn rain invisible and the match was resumed ..

I’m also lucky to get a wife who likes cricket and has knowledge of cricket rules (Not LBWs though !!) and even loves watching it on TV .. I even remembered her shouts, anger and agony when ‘Mumbai Indians‘ lost last year’s IPL match and failed to qualify for the semi-finals .. She was furious ..

So my message to all the wives/girl friends who have problems with their soul mate’s cricket passion:

1) Cricket is religion for us and Sachin is our God ..

2) We do care for you and love you but we too have the same feeling for Team India as much as you have the love for shopping and gossiping ..

3) World around us becomes standstill for cricket fans like us when there is an important match going on or when there is a tense moment .. Please let us eat our nails during these tense moments as we dont like advices at that particular time ..

4) Whenever possible, please say whatever you have to say during commercials when any match is going on ..

Oh !! it’s 2 in the afternoon and I’m heading to cricinfo site for live cricket scores of India v/s New Zealand match which will start in a short while in Colombo ..

All the best India .. All the best Sachin ..


I am in Mysore since last one and half months and I’m enjoying every moment of it .. I have been deputed here for SAP/ABAP training .. I was very skeptical about Mysore life when I got the deputation letter as everyone up north has some weird definitions about Southern India life and people .. When I arrived here, for first few days, I found it quite boring as I had no friends here .. But as very extrovert I have become lately, I made some new friends and I started enjoying .. Let me tell you that Mysore has one of the best weathers I have ever come across around the world be it US, India or Singapore .. Cool breeze, Evening Rains, Rainbow , Cold at night etc are omnipresent here .. Have not visited the tourist places yet as we are working on Saturdays too so the Sunday is spent in sleeping but went to few hotels and enjoyed the food to the fullest .. So with great weather and cool friends, I’m enjoying my stay here but yes, I’m missing Mumbai too at the same time ..

The icing on the cake was, there was a TV in the dining hall with the tata sky connection so I did not miss any of the matches of IPL and T20 world Cup .. Deccan Chargers won the IPL in a grand style but the real disappointment came when India was routed back after losing three consecutive matches in a row .. Deeply hurt I am .. But I guess Graeme Smith will be more disappointed than I am right now .. he and his team have choked again .. Even though Smith has denied the ‘Chokers’ tag, it will be thrown to his team every time they will lose an important game like this .. Even though, they have been credited as ‘the best’ or ‘the second best’ team before any important ICC event, they have lost in around 7-8 semi-finals after performing so well throughout the tournament .. But this time, Shahid Afridi – The only Pakistani whom I love the most – single handedly destroyed the hopes of SA of wining the first-ever world title .. People at trentbridge roar him to the crease when he came to bat at no. 3, brimming with optimism, hoping he will destroy the opposition with his recklessly cavalier approach .. And man, didn’t he deliver the goods?? .. Afridi finished with 2 for 16 to go along with his half-century in 34 balls with some flamboyant shots and arrogant attitude .. SL too has won with a landslide victory over west-indies in the second semi-final so it is going to be a thrilling final encounter tomo .. I hope that Afridi scores century but SL should win .. At least the world cup will stay in ASIA ..

I did not get the time to update the blog due to hectic training and lack of Internet connection .. But I was enjoying my life at Mysore to the fullest ..


IPL has started from Today .. I was a little disappointed when I heard that it’s not going to be played in India but then today I was happy while watching the first match that at least it is happening and I will be able to see some quality cricket ..

By the way, this time once again, there is no team from Ahmedabad in IPL..So I will be cheering for Mumbai Indians because Mumbai is my work place..It’s the city which gives me my bread and butter…My Karm-Bhoomi..Another reason could be the presence of my favourite cricketers Sachin and Jayasurya in the team…

So now Everyday at 8 PM after coming to office, I will stick to my TV ignoring the bunch of activities and people !! .. It is awesome to watch so many different players of different nationalities get togather and play as a unit .. I hope I will have a gala time in future ..

Yeah .. The one more thing I will be glued to is IPL Fantasy Cricket on http://fantasyipl.sportspundit.com

It’s a website where Members can create a profile and receive a Fantasy Budget to create their own ‘Fantasy Cricket Team’ of players of the IPL .. This Fantasy team will then receive points based on the real life performance of the players selected .. Every member will be allowed to enter one team only .. More details about the game, you can heck out on the website that I have mentioned ..

There is a Grand Prize where the winner of the IPL Fantasy League will win a trip for two to T20 World Cup in England.. I hope I can win the prize and can go to watch the ICC T20 world cup in South Africa ..

So for all the information about crcket world and IPL, go to:

Cricket News
Fantasy Cricket

So guys subscribe for it and have a ball out there while watching the IPL .. It sounds like a real fun ..

All the very best to Mumbai Indians and I hope they win this time ..


hit me in a short span of time .. Those were really heart-breaking, distressing and depressing moments for me .. I don’t know how will I bear it and when will I come out of it?? .. No idea at all ..

The first moment came almost 15 days ago when our own Saurav Ganguly decided to call it a day after the Australian test series .. It was so sad .. I was so unhappy on that day .. Saurav has always been an audacious, aggressive, daring and an honest player and a grat captain of India .. He taught the India Cricket team the mantra ‘TIT for TAT‘ .. He taught us how to give it back and respond when you face sledging and abuses from your opponent team .. He is considered to be the most successful Indian captain and his records speak for himself .. He is certainly my role model and he has always been .. He is a fighter .. he was dropped from the team .. When he was called back, he came back with a bang by scoring a ton and other great scores.. His fighting spirit will always be mentioned when one is talking about the fight and the struggle any individual has to go through in today’s competitive world .. We will miss you Saurav – Dada – The Prince of Kolkata .. You truly are one of the giants of Indian cricket and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the fun and entertainment you have given us all these years ..

** Bowing my head for the appreciation to his contribution to world cricket **

And the second gloomy moment came today when suddenly Anil Kumble decided to quit International cricket following his injuries .. What a heartbreaking moment that was for me .. I was thunder-truck .. Anil is the highest wicket-taker for India in test cricket and that tells you the whole story .. He too has been a giant of the Indian cricket .. He is playing since last 18 years and what a wonderful and amazing journey that has been .. He is a big-hearted man .. He once came on the field and bowled with a broken jaw .. He once bowled with a fractured finger .. Today he too came with an injured hand and bowled for the last time .. What a true servant he has been for the world cricket .. A true match winner ..We will miss this mechanical engineer from bengalru and nick- named ‘Jumbo‘ in future series .. How can we forget that 10 wicket haul against Pakistan in Delhi, can we?? .. During his farewell, Dhoni carried him on his shoulders and they took a round of the kotla ground to receive the last words from his fans .. What a sight that was .. That gesture of him told the future story – Now the captaincy has been transferred to Dhoni’s shoulder from Kumble’s .. That is a beginning of a new era .. We will miss you Jumbo ..

** Anil, you truly deserve a round of applause and a standing ovation from all the cricket fans worldwide .. **

I could sense a very important part of my life going away with these retirements ..It is hard to fill in those big shoes of Saurav and Kumble so let us see how it goes in the future !!

All the best Indian Cricket team !!


Event – 1:

Reliving the memories .. 25Th June, 1983 was the day .. The day on which Team India won their maiden world-cup by beating the gigantic West Indies in the final which was played at Lords .. That phenomenal victory completed its 25 years and it was celebrated with a great zeal and enthusiasm in India and also In England .. BCCI arranged a celebration ceremony to honor all the players who were the part of wining team .. Winning team also went to Lords and relived those moments in a same way which they did 25 years ago ..

What a sight that was as Kapil Dev is holding the world cup in his hand and Gavaskar and Mohiner Amarnath posing beside Kapil Dev with champagnes in their hands .. This fabulous win started a new chapter in Indian Cricket’s history and we all Indians are thankful to those great soldiers of Cricket Battle..



Watched ‘ThodaPyaar Thoda Magic’ last weekend .. A good movie .. It’s a complete Children’s movie except the one vulgar and unnecessary song picturized on Ameesha and Saif .. I don’t know what was Kunal Kohli – the director thinking when he put that song in the film .. It will surely make children uncomfortable who have come to watch the movie with their parents .. Wont say anything about the story though ..

Saif was good .. The acting was natural to him .. He did a great job .. Rani, as always, showed her class and versatility whether it’s comedy or emotions .. She was just awesome .. But the heart of the movie was the four kids .. All were perfect and all did a terrific job .. But among all four kids, the Sikh kid ‘Iqbal’ will surely make you roll on the floor laughing .. He was great .. Do I have to say that Ameesha was a complete disaster in the movie? ..

All in all, a nice family movie and worth watching once ..



Inflation and priserise are out of control now .. Inflation is increasing day by day and hence prise-rise of every household thing such as vegetables, fruits, LPG gas, petrol, diesel etc are also going up and up and up .. I don’t know whether it’s right to blame UPA government for that or it is the effect of the global recession and the high crudeoil price ..

But Mrs. Italian Gandhi errrr ….. Mrs. Sonia Gandhi and Mr. Manmohan Singh must do something to control the inflation .. As far as my knowledge is serving me right, we have got two best economist of the country as our prime minister(Mr. Manmohan Singh) and as our finance minister(Mr. Chidambaram) and still we are facing this problems .. Something somewhere is wrong, I guess !! .. Sounds fishy …



Bill Gates has recently bid adieu to the Microsoft Corporation .. He stepped down as a full-time employee of Microsoft and now he will concentrate only on his noble foundation to fight against the deadly diseases such as Cancer, AIDS, Malaria etc and other philanthropic work .. So he, on last Friday, announced the end of a terrific and brilliant journey with Microsoft and yeah – what a journey it was..

There might be a huge and fanatic Apple-and-UNIX fan club, there might be a number of Microsoft haters through out the world, there might be a number of sues which have been filled against Microsoft, there might be a number of allegations of theft, stealing etc made on Bill gates but this is an indisputable fact that Bill Gates was the one who initiated the personal computing revolution .. He made it a global industry .. Because of him, PC became a household thing and it certainly revolutionized the world .. He was the one who changed a computer from a luxury to a necessity ..

Hence Hats off to you Bill Gates and Thank you for everything you have done and achieved and made ourselves to use the technology you discovered and allowed us to make a career out of it .. If you would have not started Microsoft, I would have travelled a different road and would have opted for a different career .. You certainly are a paramount force in making me what I am today .. You are my role model .. I respect you a lot ..


Several thoughts were going through my mind .. Several events have also taken place during last few days .. They all are not that bigger of a matter hence I can’t write a whole post on each of them but I certainly wanted to pen them down so I will be mentioning them in a single post only..


Thought- 1 :

After Team India’s thumping win against Pakistan and Bangladesh in a preliminary round, we lost against Pakistan in a final of the Asia Cup organized in Bangladesh .. Our performance was disappointing ..

–> Media said that the tempo, aggression and stress which were seen previously in a India-Pak match was missing this time .. Courtesy – ‘IPL’ , Overdose of India-Pakistan match in recent years and government of India’s friendship talks with Pakistan .. Now we see Pakistanis as our friends rather than our enemies or rivals ..

–> What did people say about our defeat? – It was a fixed match .. Pakistan is too weak against Indian team and there is no way India can lose the match .. Match was fixed so that now onwards the competition between India-Pak match can attract same tempo, aggression and stress which was observed previously..More money for BCCI.. More money for PCB..

–> What did I say about our defeat? – Sheer Over-Confidence & Under-estimating your opponent..

What do you have to say?



In our country, when police department fails to investigate the mystery of any murder, rape or robbery incident, that specific case is always given to CBI to solve .. It is said that police might work under the influence of politician, businessmen or industrialists while CBI can investigate without any one’s pressure and in its own way..

–> My say on this phenomena – Instead of giving almost every alternate case to CBI and also reducing its impact too by doing it,
should not be our police department made more accountable, responsible and accurate ..

What’s your opinion on that?


Thought – 3:

Went to Ahmedabad last weekend and watched Jannat and Sarkar Raj .. Liked both of them..

–> Sarkar Raj – Awesome Movie .. A real master piece of RGV .. I liked the way the film has been shot .. Different and odd camera angles, dark shade of light, less brightness and ear-shattering background music – ‘Sam dam dand bhedd’ & ‘Govinda Govinda Govinda’ .. Whole Bachhan family rocked in the movie ..

–> Jannat – it was an OK flick .. Have not seen any Imraan Hashmi’s film earlier but after watching Jannat, I felt that this guy can surely act .. Keep apart his serial kissing skills, he knows how and when to show emotions .. Especially I liked his acting in the scene where he was betrayed by his girl friend ..


Thought – 4:

I was wondering and I have also discussed with so many people ..

Who will be the next SARKAR in the upcoming sequel –

  • Chiku (Vishnu’s son) OR
  • Aishwarya Rai

P.S: I liked tha way in which Aishwarya orders tea in the last scene of the movie – ‘Ek cup chai lao ‘ .. It was awesome .. I could see the entire movie for that dialogue ..



In one of the reserach carried out by top most university of UK, it is stated that the more IQ you have, the less you believe in GOD .. The more intelligent you are, the less is your faith in GOD almighty.. So if this survey is accurate then I think that my IQ and intelligene are very low .. I pray everyday and I have complete faith in GOD – Super natrural power ..

Do you have lesser IQ or bigger faith??



I found this interesting on Trojan Spirit’s blog funny-forwards ..

Reservation at its best.. No offense meant to anyone.. Unlike our politicians, I treat all equally and cast, creed, region, religion don’t matter to me !! .. It’s just for fun ..