I may sound like a maniac but it is 11:15 PM and I am not sure what to do right now?.. Since last one and half months, at this time I was just glued to my idiot box watching and enjoying IPL matches…But now IPL is over and I feel like I have lost a dear and close companion of mine…Today since 8 PM, I am feeling like something is missing in my schedule…This was the charisma of IPL..It really made me(us !!!) addicted…I hope that all other cricket fans are also passing through the same phase and also suffering from the same ‘missing-IPL syndrome..You just cannot change your habit soon, Can you??

Now I don’t have any other option but to watch those SaasBahu soap operas with Tulsis and Parvatis and their million extra-marital affairs and hundreds of their non-legitimate children…I might kill time watching our stupid News Channels just to keep me updated about Indian politics and other murder-rape-suicide stories especially high-profile ‘Aarushi muder case’ which now will be investigated by CBI..I hope her killers are caught and punished soon for this brutal crime…May Arushi’s soul rest in peace in GOD’s heaven…

Are you missing IPL???


Learning from my last mistake of reaching late to the cricket stadium and then getting a parking 4 Km away from the venue, this time I started way early than the starting time of the match…IPL final-match ceremony was gonna commence on 6-30 PM but I left home at 4…Reached stadium at 4-30 and luckily got a parking at a desired place…Still the gates were closed and we waited with a baited breath to enter the D.Y. Patil stadium..Gates opened at around 5 and we rushed to get in and settled on our seats..

At sharp 6-30, the ceremony started in a grand style..Commentators Ravi Shastri, Ramiz Raja, Arun Lal, Damien Fleming, Sunil Gavaskar etc were all wearing Indian traditional Kurta-PaijamasRavi Shastri welcomed us all and also the other dignitaries…BCCI president Sharad Pawar gave a small speech..IPL commisioner and chairman Mr. Lalit Modi spoke few words followed by a speech from ICC head..And then the real fun started..

Bollywood divas Amrita Arora, Diya Mirza, Shamita Shetty and Sameera Reddy performed some bollywood as well as Indian traditional dance steps on bollywood songs…Then came the maestro himself…Yeah ! Salman Khan !!!..He certainly has been a great crowd puller always..He had the audience swaying as he performed on the song from his forthcoming TV Show ‘Dus ka Dam’..Salman’s cameo was followed by a great display from Cirque du Soleil – a Canada based acrobat team..Then there was a fabulous and mind-blowing laser and para-gliding show..It was just amazing..

After all that non-cricketing events, now it was the time to talk business..Yup, it’s the time for a tossShane Warne of Rajasthan won the toss and elected to field…Chennai scored 163 in their quota of 20 overs with Parthiv, Raina and Morkel providing some nice scores…

Rajasthan got their first blow when Niraj Patel got out in 2nd overs…But then they somehow settled down and were scoring runs at a good rate..Wickets fell at regular intervals but Rajasthan managed the run rate of 7.5 – 8 throughout their inning..Rajasthan were 75-3 in 10 overs while Chennai at the same stage were 75-2..So both were going neck to neck and we all knew that this game will go to a wire and it surely would have a close finish..Yusuf Pathan hit some huge sixes as one went on the level 3 of the stadium…This pathan has got some power, I must say that…All of his hits were clean and huge..A bright prospect for India..

Then came the time to bite your nails…Last over and 7 needed to win for Rajasthan..Full of tension and stress…As the intensity increased, the adrenaline secretion reached its peak..Balaji could not control his temper and lost his rhythm in between and bowled a wide at a crucial stage to make the scores level with one ball to spare..So 1 ball and 1 run needed to win for Rajasthan..So it just became a mere formality for Rajasthan and on the last ball, Tanvir hit a boundry to get his side home…Rajasthan won !!…There were fireworks all around the place…People were shouting “Rajasthan Rajasthan – Warney Warney”…All the tension and stress turned into a vibrant atmosssphere…All the secretion of adrenaline changed into smiles, laughters and cheers…Certainly the Rajasthan supportes outnumbered Chennai fans…But it was a last ball finish and a real nail-bitter…You just can’t ask for more in the final…Cannot get better than this…A well fought battle for Chennai too and they also knew it hence they did not look that disappointed..”In the end your efforts that matter the most – Winning and losing are the part and parcel of the game” Dhoni said in the post-match ceremony…

Yusuf Pathan got ‘Man of the Match’ award for 3 wickets and a brilliant half-century…Shane Watson got the ‘Man of the Series’ award for his all-round performance…Goswami of Royal Challengers Banglore won an award for ‘Best under-19’ player…And last but not the least, Shane Warne lifted the first DLF IPL trophy designed with gold, silver and diamonds and a cheque of worth (whooping !!!) 4.8 Crore ruppes(12 Million US Dollars)…Huge money..Great fun..Awesome entertainment..Fabulous Cricket…Cool show..

Fianlly, the giant video screen shut down just after displaying this message:
“See you next year at the IPL Edition 2.”..

Really, I cant wait for the next year…I have already started missing IPL..


Yeah !! I am gonna go to watch IPL final at D.Y. Patil stadium in New Mumbai today…Hoping for a great finish!!…

Rajasthan Royals have performed extremely brilliant throughout the tournament…Chennai Superkings had minor hiccups in the middle phase of the tournament but they have bounced back in a grand style and they are on roll now…So it will be a tussle between two giants !! ..

I support our own Dhoni’s Chennai SuperKings !!! .. All the very best !!

Next post will be about my experience of the IPL final match live from the stadium itself –‘Aankho Dekha Aehwaal’ !!


IPL has almost reached at its peak..As of now, the four teams, Rajasthan Royals, Kings XI Punjab, Chennai Super Kings and Delhi Daredevils, have booked their berths in the semi- finals and hence rest of the matches till semis are just formalities…But I am not happy with some of the incidents which took place since last few days..

  • Sehwag was booed by the crowd in Hyderabad and in Kolkata..
  • Yuvraj and his team had to face catcall from the spectators in Mumbai .. At the post-match ceremony, Yuvi angrily said that the mumbai-crowd was pretty one-sided and they should not forget that some of the Kings XI Punjab boys also play for ‘Team India’ ..
  • My blog friend Ashwin states on his blog that he is more loyal to his Chennai team than to our national cricket team.. He even has got a poll for the same on his blog and I guess the local-team-loyals are outnumbering the national-team-loyals..

I really did not like this..This is certainly not a healthy sign..I think the nation comes first..Region comes second..I think that cricket and bollywood are the only two areas where we,Indians, feel patriotic and proud Indians..I mean when Sachin and Sehwag hit Shoaib for flurry of sixes or when Kumble took 10 wicket-haul, didn’t we feel like proud Indians…When Sunny Deol in the movie Gadar shouts “Hindustan zindabad thaa, zindabad hai aur zindabad rahega“..Didn’t we feel great and patriotic..Otherwise we are always busy cursing our motherland for its corruption, polution, population, poverty, dirtiness etc etc..Bollywood and Cricket bind us to gather..they unite us..but today I can see the things are changing..So now if Sachin hits a ton against Australia playing at Ferozshah Kotla ground in Delhi, people of Delhi wont clap and appreciate his efforts and instead will they boo him?? ..

But one soothing indication was given by one of the commentators as he said that even though people right now are divided on the basis of region/city but once Team India starts playing international matches, they will come back to their prior state and will start cheering our players once again with that zeal and enthusiasm that we all have been seeing throughout these years !! .. I hope that happens and that too very soon..

Remember that we are Indians first and then a Ahmedabadi or a Mumbaikar or a Chennai-ite.. So please don’t let regional-bias go over your head !!


IPL has almost reached its halfway…The first phase was thrilling, exciting and nail-biting almost all the times…Except for one or two incidents, matches were played in a sincere and healthy manner even though they have not been granted ‘International’ stature and the records, which are set or broken, are not gonna find the place in the score book or in the statistics..But still the matches are played in a way they should be played and that is really delightful to watch..I hope this trend and thrill continue till end..

My Observations during the first phase:

  • I have never expected that the IPL will create so much of excitement and buzz in me but it certainly has..Everyday at 8 PM, I do stick to my TV ignoring the bunch of activities and people !! .. It is awesome to watch so many different players of different nationalities get togather and play as a unit..
  • The weakest team Rajasthan Royals’ are at the top of the chart with 5 wins and 1 defeat in 6 games while the strongest team ‘Deccan Chargers’ are at the bottom of the chart with 5 defeats and only 1 win in 6 games…T-20 is so unpredictable!!..Deccan chargers are equipped with stalwarts like Symonds, Gilchrist, Afridi, Gibbs, Vaas, Styris,Rohit Sharma but still they have lost almost all their games..
  • First phase was dominated by Australians and Newzealanders came the close second..Out of the four centuries scored, three were achieved by Australians (Gilchrist, Symonds and Hussey) and one was achieved by Newzealander Mccullam ..
  • After the departure of Australian and Newzealander cricketres to play for their respective nation, drastic decline has been observed in the scoring rate as well as the number of boundaries and sixes hit …During their presence, the score of 190-210 was made few times and it was even chased down by some teams on one or two occasions…
  • Now the Indian young brigade has got the chance to prove them and they are grabbing this opportunity with their both hands…They are really playing well and making their presence felt since last few matches after being overshadowed by other international players in the beginning…Good to see them performing at this level !!
  • T-20 specialists and my favourite players Sanath Jayasurya and Afridi are complete flop in IPL…My all time favourite Sachin has not played a single game..but still I watch IPL with great zeal and enthusiasm…I don’t know why but i think I just love cricket too much !!! .. Just to add, unlike his other teammates, Ponting too had a complete disaster in IPL
  • The graph of the cheerleaders’ dresses are increasing day by day from quite minimal in the beginning to fully covered currently..Indian tradition and values do exist nowadays…
  • As I have predicted here, Shoaib has somehow managed to get a stay on his lifetime ban and he will be allowed to play in IPL…What a turn around !! ..Power of money and political backup did the trick for ShoaibPAKISTAN is really a great country, I must say !!!
  • Last but not the least, the official name given to IPL is ‘Indian Premier League’…After the huge flow out of money and glamour in it, it was given a name ‘Indian Paisa League’ and ‘Indian (Sharad)Pawar League’ … But for me, it has truly become ‘Indian PaisaWasool League’ .. IPL rocks !!


It was 6-45 pm in my clock..I rushed out of my place and started driving my car in an unknown direction..By asking few auto-rickshawallas, I somehow managed to reach the city of Nerul, Navi Mumbai..It was the place where an IPL match between Mumbai Indians V/S Deccan Chargers was organized..The small town of Nerul might not have expected such a huge turn out for the match hence chaos and anarchy were all around as expected…The roads and foot-paths were jam packed with the ocean of people, cars and bikes..The match was about to start at 8 and I reached the stadium at 7-30 hence could not get a parking spot inside, again as expected…I had to park my car 4 KM away from the stadium and had to walk that much distance to get into the stadium…But after all these hurdles, the fun and the masti I witnessed was just amazing !! It made it for all the prior hiccups ..

As I entered the stadium, the first scene that flashed in front my eyes was indeed stupendous…Earth-shaking loud music was going on as like you are in some kind of pub or Night club…Cheer leaders were dancing in their full colours and spirit…People too were shaking their legs to match the tune..I got the seat just behind where the cheer leaders were dancing..Yeah, you got that right!!!..Just behind the CHEER LEADERS !! .. Mumbai Indians batted first…Whenever a boundary was hit, cheer leaders used to come up on the podium and dance..One guy was dancing with his helmet on and a small bat in one hand..One guy in a complete cowboy look with a cowboy hat was trying to match Hritik’s steps…‘Mauja hi mauja’ , ‘Dil na diyaaa’ , ‘Tu yeh to bata, tu dekhta hai kya’, ‘Krazzzyy 4’ etc songs were going on with full volume and the atmosphere at the ground was just mind-blowing and terrific…Crowd too was very colourful and very enthusiastic about the game…The D.Y. Patil stadium was huge and its design certainly looked classical and modern…The field was lush-green and it seemed very quick…The pitch was a complete Batting-Paradise…Poor Bowlers!! ..

Mumbai Indians made just a tiny 154 in 20 overs..Afridi chipped in with two important wickets of RobinUthappa and Sanath Jayasurya and so as RP Singh…When Deccan chargers came out to bat with Gilchrist and Laxman opening the innings, it became mere a cake walk for them, courtesy Gilchrist’s awesome inning…He middled every ball he hit and those were huge hits..They all travelled a long long distance..He completed his maiden ton of IPL in just 42 balls…Fastest to score one..He finished with 109 Not out with 10 massive sixes…Laxman just played a supportive rule…Laxman surely looked a dormant soul in their partnership of 155 runs…Gilchrist single handedly won this match for his team..It was their first win in IPL and an important one too to remain in the league and to qualify for the semis..Even though it was an one-sided match, every single person at the stadium be it children, youth or middle-old aged men-women enjoyed it …I saw one old lady, who must be of the age 80 to 85, she was walkiing in the stadium with a walking-stick and clapping whenever a boundry was hit…Cricket really makes the age negligible and insignificant…

The most astonishing thing to notice here was that even though the people were supporting Mumbai Indians but nobody seemed to care to cheer for a specific team..In contrast, every good shot played or every good delivery bowled or every good fielding done was being appreciated with a loud applause whether it’s from Mumbai Indians or from Deccan Chargers…In short, people loved cricket and not the city or a team…We Indians really can not get divided by region,religion or race…That was really pleasing to observe…

P.S: My favourite cricket Afridi was fielding just in front of me..What a charming sight that was!!..It was even deligted to watch him bowling so fast and furious spin bowling!!


I was reading an article in Times of India which made me thinking about some of the things I used to do while growing up..We all have our own superstitions..Everybody has something or the other that they follow unconsciously, many being funny…We, most of the times, just do not bring them out for the fear that we could be a victim of mockery…I am no exception..I don’t believe in the traditional ones like “Sneezing just when going out for an important task“ or “a cat crossing the path” etc etc..I am an innovator to create my own superstitions…But most of them have been held in reserve for special circumstances like exams and cricket matches…

Some of the superstitions I have during exam times:

1) While taking a bath on the exam day, I used to make sure that the soap should not get slipped from my hand and even if it succeeds in slipping, I should catch it so that it does not hit the ground…If the soap slips and touches the ground then it is a bad omen and I will have to prepare myself for a disaster in that very exam..

2) On exam day, I used to wear left shoe first and then the right shoe…

3) I am a lazy creature..I don’t tie my shoelaces..It’s too boring..But on exam day, I used to tie my shoelaces..It was bringing a good luck for me somehow!!

4) I used to bring the same lucky pencil-box in every exam..I was not using that pencil-box even once through out the year..It used to lie in the junkyard and getting shaggy and dirty the whole year.. but during exam times, it was my best and important companion.

5) I firmly believed that if you write the exam with the same pencil/pen that you used for studying and practicing, that same pencil/pen remembers the answers for you.

6) Some of the shirts were very lucky for me..Whenever there is an exam of the tough subject, I used to wear the same shirt..By the way, for me almost every subject was difficult..So I used to wear those shirts at least in 2-3 exams…If I perform badly in one of the exams then the shirt or t-shirt I am wearing will go for a toss and I would never put on that shirt/t-shirt again at least in exams..

My funny cricket superstitions(I still follow them!!):

1) If our batsmen are scoring heavily and playing really good and fast,I sit in the same place throughout the match and I will also not allow any other persons, who also are watching match with me, to move from their places..Not even for a quick leak(Bathroom!!)…Dare anyone move from their seat!!..T20 world cup win was because of my statue position only !!..Don’t only praise our cricketers!!

2) Whenever Indians are batting and our servant comes in the room, it is certain that our wicket will fall..So during the match time, dad and I have banned our servant from coming to our room..Poor Guy !!!..He can watch the match in the TV which is there in the main hall..No objection to that..Funny, huh??..

Superstitions are fun..Sometimes crazy…sometimes lucky…sometimes funny…Even though they sound as idiosyncrasy, but I still believe in them..Can’t change myself in that aspect!!

What are your superstitions??

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IPL is going to start from today…Whether you call it “Indian Premier League” or “Indian Paisa League” or “Indian Pawar league” but it certainly has created some hype in the media and also among the cricket lovers all over the world…Huge money involved…So much glamour involved..

Its inauguration ceremony will be held in Bangalore tomorrow..It seems that it will be grand and fabulous…Bunch of eminent film stars are gonna perform on the eve of the ceremony…Cheer leaders are specially called from Australia…Shahrukh, Preity Zinta, Katrina Kaif etc will be sitting in the stadium and will be watching the match…Spectators will be in huge dilemma – what to watch for: So many international cricketers on the field, Cricketing shots and awesome deliveries, Film stars in the stands or ‘Hot and Beautiful’ Cheer-leaders near the boundary ropes..It will surely be a stunning celeb-packed night…I hope IPL succeeds and it provides a better platform for other young cricketers..

For IPL News click here – IPL News or IPL Blog
For IPL Schedule click here – IPL Schedule
For IPL Teams Information click here – IPL Teams

I am not at all interested in or concerned about the whole conundrum of meaningless discussion of flow of immense amount of money or the myth that cricketer are becoming film starts and film starts are becoming cricketers or the useless debate about the glamour and cricket’s alliance which are all associated with the IPL..I just want to watch quality cricket while sipping coke or cold-coffee in my cozy-comfy couch..But every cricketer should make sure that their national duty comes first…To play for their nation must be the first and top most priority and they should not betray their country for the sake of money or glamour..Just a small advice to give!!!

By the way, there is no team from Ahmedabad in IPL..So I will be cheering for Mumbai Indians because Mumbai is my work place..It’s the city which gives me my bread and butter…My Karm-Bhoomi..Another reason could be the presence of my favourite cricketers Sachin and Jayasurya in the team…

I will also be cheering for Deccan Chargers (Hyderabad Team) as my all time favourite Shahid Afridi is in it…I hope he proves by his attacking, aggressive and flamboyant batting that he is rightly called ‘Boom Boom Afridi’

All the very best to Sachin, Jayasurya and Afridi – the king pathan..

I was biting my nails as like I was hungry since ages..Sri Lanka playing against West Indies in Port of Spain, Trinidad..First ODI of the series..Sri Lanka, 49 for 5 at one stage, recovers and posts a challenging 235 for the WI to chase..WI gets a good start but then as usual WI losses wickets one after another and they are in big trouble..Now the game has come to the wire..Last over and 13 runs to win and one wicket left for WI..Chanderpaul and Edwards are at the center and Vass is going to bowl the deciding over..They score a pity 3 runs from first 4 balls and now Chanderpaul on strike with 10 needed in two balls..It is just an impossible task..A massive task to achieve..But Chanderpaul keeps tempramnet and responds with a powerful straight drive..The ball is rolling down and yeah it hits the boundary rope and Trinidad crowd starts dancing..But guys, it is not over yet!!!..Six needed in one ball..Genius and cool minded that Chanderpaul is, keeps his cool again and watches the field changes, which Jayawardene is making, with a careful stare..And now Vaas starts bowling the last ball which can decide the fate..He bowls a low full toss and Chanderpaul flicks it over deep midwicket..The ball is in the air and it is going, going and going..”Has it gone-Has it gone-Has it gone”, Ian Bishop – the commentator is shouting at his full voice !!.. Every one is watching the ball’s journey even without blinking once..And yes, it just lands over the boundary rope into the stands for a massive six..WI has won..Trinidad crowd gets busy in wild celebrations with a loud music and marvellous dance steps..Every single player and official of WI is on the field to congratulate Chanderpaul..He has become a real Hero..”What a Player” to borrow Tony Greig’s words..True Genius, true maestro and an unbelievable match..A thriller at its best..What more an ardent fan of cricket, like me, can ask for..One of the most sansational moments in Cricket history..

Watch out the last two balls of the match in following video:


Yesterday, to my surprise, I got an email from one of my blog readers Alan..Like me, he is also an avid cricket fan and he really liked my whispersss about cricket..He, in his email, stated that he has developed a different type of cricket quiz which he believes to be engaging, one-of-its-kind and exciting..So he requested me to check out http://www.thinkgoogly.net/ and you wont believe but it really turned out to be stunning, interesting and out-of-this-world..Creativity and inventiveness at its best..I also want you all cricket maniacs to check it out..Let us have a match there and will see kisme kitna hai dum..For the security purpose, the registration process has been kept a bit tedious and lengthy..First they will send an activation code in your email and after supplying that activation code on the web site again, they will send you a password..So after all these steps , you can log in and start playing..But remember no pain-no gain…So be patient and enjoy the quiz..

Anyway, there’s a short description of the game below – I hope you can take the time to check it out.

Fast bowling tests your cricket general knowledge – think quickly!
Medium pace bowling tests your ability to find answers to more obscure cricketing questions – think deeply!
Spin bowling tests your ability to solve cryptic clues – think googly!

The quicker you answer, the more runs you score. Answer wrongly and lose a wicket. Play Twenty20 or ODI games, with the recent results of other players used to calculate target scores and determine whether you win or lose each game.

It is FREE to play – Think Googly..Players can also submit their own questions for inclusion and be acknowledged for their effort (questions are drawn randomly from a database so that no two games are ever the same), monitor their game performance, check their rankings and discuss cricket issues in forums.

Rules are simple, the questions are challenging and your tactics is vital..

Let the Game Begin!! Good Luck !!