This has got to be one of the most clever e -mails I’ve received in a while. Someone out there either has too much spare time or is deadly at Scrabble.

( This is a piece of forwarded email .. Hence credits to those who have created it !!)

When you rearrange the letters:

When you rearrange the letters:

When you rearrange the letters:

When you rearrange the letters:

When you rearrange the letters:

When you rearrange the letters:

When you rearrange the letters:

When you rearrange the letters:

When you rearrange the letters:


Several thoughts were going through my mind .. Several events have also taken place during last few days .. They all are not that bigger of a matter hence I can’t write a whole post on each of them but I certainly wanted to pen them down so I will be mentioning them in a single post only..


Thought- 1 :

After Team India’s thumping win against Pakistan and Bangladesh in a preliminary round, we lost against Pakistan in a final of the Asia Cup organized in Bangladesh .. Our performance was disappointing ..

–> Media said that the tempo, aggression and stress which were seen previously in a India-Pak match was missing this time .. Courtesy – ‘IPL’ , Overdose of India-Pakistan match in recent years and government of India’s friendship talks with Pakistan .. Now we see Pakistanis as our friends rather than our enemies or rivals ..

–> What did people say about our defeat? – It was a fixed match .. Pakistan is too weak against Indian team and there is no way India can lose the match .. Match was fixed so that now onwards the competition between India-Pak match can attract same tempo, aggression and stress which was observed previously..More money for BCCI.. More money for PCB..

–> What did I say about our defeat? – Sheer Over-Confidence & Under-estimating your opponent..

What do you have to say?



In our country, when police department fails to investigate the mystery of any murder, rape or robbery incident, that specific case is always given to CBI to solve .. It is said that police might work under the influence of politician, businessmen or industrialists while CBI can investigate without any one’s pressure and in its own way..

–> My say on this phenomena – Instead of giving almost every alternate case to CBI and also reducing its impact too by doing it,
should not be our police department made more accountable, responsible and accurate ..

What’s your opinion on that?


Thought – 3:

Went to Ahmedabad last weekend and watched Jannat and Sarkar Raj .. Liked both of them..

–> Sarkar Raj – Awesome Movie .. A real master piece of RGV .. I liked the way the film has been shot .. Different and odd camera angles, dark shade of light, less brightness and ear-shattering background music – ‘Sam dam dand bhedd’ & ‘Govinda Govinda Govinda’ .. Whole Bachhan family rocked in the movie ..

–> Jannat – it was an OK flick .. Have not seen any Imraan Hashmi’s film earlier but after watching Jannat, I felt that this guy can surely act .. Keep apart his serial kissing skills, he knows how and when to show emotions .. Especially I liked his acting in the scene where he was betrayed by his girl friend ..


Thought – 4:

I was wondering and I have also discussed with so many people ..

Who will be the next SARKAR in the upcoming sequel –

  • Chiku (Vishnu’s son) OR
  • Aishwarya Rai

P.S: I liked tha way in which Aishwarya orders tea in the last scene of the movie – ‘Ek cup chai lao ‘ .. It was awesome .. I could see the entire movie for that dialogue ..



In one of the reserach carried out by top most university of UK, it is stated that the more IQ you have, the less you believe in GOD .. The more intelligent you are, the less is your faith in GOD almighty.. So if this survey is accurate then I think that my IQ and intelligene are very low .. I pray everyday and I have complete faith in GOD – Super natrural power ..

Do you have lesser IQ or bigger faith??



I found this interesting on Trojan Spirit’s blog funny-forwards ..

Reservation at its best.. No offense meant to anyone.. Unlike our politicians, I treat all equally and cast, creed, region, religion don’t matter to me !! .. It’s just for fun ..


I go to Ahmedabad almost every alternate weekend from Mumbai .. It’s only 8 hours over-night journey by train and it’s very comfortable .. Indian railway system has become hi-tech and recently they have started online booking of the tickets too .. So no more standing in queues, those never-ending phone calls and some extra-money-per-ticket to agents and other big hassles ..

So I do appreciate their efforts especially our Railway Minister Lalu Prasad Yadav who has done a tremendous job by turning Indian railways from a loss-making unit to a huge-profit earning unit even without increasing travel fares or other services which can affect common people .. I don’t how he did it but he did it for sure and that’s an amazing task to achieve.. He tried his best to keep the travel fare minimum especially for AC class so that all those customers of AC coaches do not get attracted to or move to cheaper airlines ..

Before few days I bought a wait-listed ticket for Ahmedabad .. Today I just wanted to check my status whether it got confirmed or not hence I logged onto Indian railway website and I was surprised and even shocked to see the advertisements which were put on the website. Those advertisements were stating : ‘Fly Mumbai to Ahmedabad in a cheaper way’ etc etc .. I mean, one side you are competing with these cheaper airlines and on the other side you are promoting them on your website .. Wow !! That’s something new I have learnt !!

Check out the following snapshot I took and watch out for the Ads :

Quite funny, huh !! ..

Mera Bharat Mahan aur usse bhi mahan mere government-workers(sarkari karmchari) !! .. I wonder who will be the moderator of the website and how come he would have not seen this blunder !! ..


I was reading an article in Times of India which made me thinking about some of the things I used to do while growing up..We all have our own superstitions..Everybody has something or the other that they follow unconsciously, many being funny…We, most of the times, just do not bring them out for the fear that we could be a victim of mockery…I am no exception..I don’t believe in the traditional ones like “Sneezing just when going out for an important task“ or “a cat crossing the path” etc etc..I am an innovator to create my own superstitions…But most of them have been held in reserve for special circumstances like exams and cricket matches…

Some of the superstitions I have during exam times:

1) While taking a bath on the exam day, I used to make sure that the soap should not get slipped from my hand and even if it succeeds in slipping, I should catch it so that it does not hit the ground…If the soap slips and touches the ground then it is a bad omen and I will have to prepare myself for a disaster in that very exam..

2) On exam day, I used to wear left shoe first and then the right shoe…

3) I am a lazy creature..I don’t tie my shoelaces..It’s too boring..But on exam day, I used to tie my shoelaces..It was bringing a good luck for me somehow!!

4) I used to bring the same lucky pencil-box in every exam..I was not using that pencil-box even once through out the year..It used to lie in the junkyard and getting shaggy and dirty the whole year.. but during exam times, it was my best and important companion.

5) I firmly believed that if you write the exam with the same pencil/pen that you used for studying and practicing, that same pencil/pen remembers the answers for you.

6) Some of the shirts were very lucky for me..Whenever there is an exam of the tough subject, I used to wear the same shirt..By the way, for me almost every subject was difficult..So I used to wear those shirts at least in 2-3 exams…If I perform badly in one of the exams then the shirt or t-shirt I am wearing will go for a toss and I would never put on that shirt/t-shirt again at least in exams..

My funny cricket superstitions(I still follow them!!):

1) If our batsmen are scoring heavily and playing really good and fast,I sit in the same place throughout the match and I will also not allow any other persons, who also are watching match with me, to move from their places..Not even for a quick leak(Bathroom!!)…Dare anyone move from their seat!!..T20 world cup win was because of my statue position only !!..Don’t only praise our cricketers!!

2) Whenever Indians are batting and our servant comes in the room, it is certain that our wicket will fall..So during the match time, dad and I have banned our servant from coming to our room..Poor Guy !!!..He can watch the match in the TV which is there in the main hall..No objection to that..Funny, huh??..

Superstitions are fun..Sometimes crazy…sometimes lucky…sometimes funny…Even though they sound as idiosyncrasy, but I still believe in them..Can’t change myself in that aspect!!

What are your superstitions??

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Look at the following pics..No need to explain anything again..

** Shaking my head again in disappointment **


Today I was waiting for my bus at the bus-stop in the morning and suddenly, to my surprise, I met my old friend XYZ who also was waiting for his company bus..I was meeting him after I don’t know 8-9 years..He was my school-mate..After school got finished, we lost touch and both became busy in their daily routines..But today i felt really nice after seeing XYZ and that too in this bizarre fashion..Felt so good to be reconnected..Then we started up a conversation about general random things. I kept complaining about the problems I am facing such as boring office, stressful work, dull weekends, less salary etc etc..

Finally XYZ said: “You think you have so many problems? Listen to my situation :
A few years ago I met a young widow with a grown up daughter. We got married and I got myself a step-daughter. Later, my father married my step-daughter. That made my step daughter my step-mother. And my father became my step-son. Also my wife became mother-in-law of her father-in-law. Much later the daughter of my wife, my step-mother, had a son. This boy was my half brother because he was my father’s son. But he was also the son of my wife’s daughter which made him my wife’s grand-son. That made me the grandfather of my half brother.This was nothing until my wife and I had a son. Now the half sister of my son, my step-mother, is also his grandmother. This makes my father the brother-in-law of my child, whose step-sister is my father’s wife. I am my step-mother’s brother-in-law, my wife is her own child’s aunt, my son is my father’s nephew and I am my OWN GRAND-FATHER!!!!And you think you have got so many PROBLEMS!!!!”

I just stood there thunderstruck and speechless…I was stunned…The surroundings became stand still…I felt numbness in my entire body..I kept on wondering that how can you be your own grandfather??…Is it possible in reality??..I did not speak anything but still I apologised through my eyes and by bowing my head in embarrassment…Without uttering a single word, we both departed and then both lived happily ever after…


P.S : It is a fictional story…I just changed one forward email into the comic story to live some fantasies and to create some humour..So no need to show mercy on XYZ..He even does not exist!!!

Every intellectual person of India knows the reputation of Indian media in recent times..You just cannot trust Indian media and it is applied to both – ‘Print Media’ and ‘Electronic Media’ .. They are capable of turning an insignificant piece of NEWS into a breaking news which can shake the whole country or the whole planet and vice verse is also true.. Sometimes they become so much engrossed in covering irrelevant NEWS that they forget their duties and their social responsibilities towards building a healthy, wealthy, safe, secure and unprejudiced society..

Yesterday I got a funny email about how and what Indian Media is covering these days..You might have seen that in the forward email but it is worth a second look..

Actually in the first glance it looks funny but if you think sensibly then it tells a pity story.. A story about the deterioration of Indian media .. It is really very unfortunate and shameful that where and in which direction Indian media is heading..Media should be positive, encouraging, responsible, honest, unbiased and fair..But that is not the case with Indian-Media in the recent times and hence it feels really very disappointed and frustrated..

** Shaking my head in disappointment **


India is growing and so as the competitions..To compete with rivals and to survive in the global market, every company has to instigate rigorous marketing, publicity and advertising campaign..Diplomatic and tactful planning of advertisements plays an essential role in generating and in even increasing the revenue of the company…So adhering to this fact, no company today is falling behind in promoting themselves to create larger customer base by implementing meticulous advertising and publicity crusade..

Yesterday I got an email which showed a funny side of the advertisement campaign carried out by Airline Companies…They are trying a variety of interesting ways to promote themselves and the noble and delightful sign is that they are not crossing that thin line which lies between the competition and one’s malicious intent to defame his competitors..I could not resist myself from sharing that with you..You might have seen this before in a forward email but it is worth giving a second look..After all it brings a smile on your face..So enjoy it…

[This is a hoarding Jet Airways put at a busy road in Mumbai]




Ha ha ha…I hope you like it…