When I first heard Varun‘s hate-speech against minority community, I found it very disgusting and shocking .. It was unacceptable to the core and it has to be condemned with the severest words .. Varun Gandhi is no street-side hooligan who knows only the language of abuse and hate .. He is not an illiterate, unintelligent young man .. He is the grandson of Mrs.Indira Gandhi and the son of a very sophisticated and westernized lady Mrs. Menaka Gandhi .. The words that he has used and the manner in which he has spoken of Muslims is simply not acceptable from any political leader ..

Our media got one another scape goat and those very-frequently-seen vocal faces and voices started making regular appearances on TV studios, debates and in columns bashing Hindus, Hindutva, BJP, RSS and this Saffron Gandhi .. But in my entire life, I have never believed the analysis of this (so-called) English-speaking, scholar, academic, thinker elites who just do nothing but sit and bark in air-conditioned TV studious and misguide and mislead the people .. So an avid analyst that I’m and an anxious brain that I carry , I took out some time, google, newspapers and magazines to find out the truth behind all these drama and I finally came to know the actual truth (may be !!!)..

Varun gave the speech in the beginning of March but then this CD was given to a pro-congress news channel after 19 days .. So this CD might have been doctored as per Varun’s claims .. Where was this CD and with whom for all these whole bloody 19 days ?? .. That is a big question .. If one were to believe that this CD not doctored for a moment, then that is also true and worth noting that Varun has not spoken out of any context .. He was talking about the minority community particularly present in Pilbhit and not as in whole and he was trying to protect Hindus of Pilbhit who were under constant siege ..

Varun has given that speech keeping in mind the environment that prevails in Pilbhit:

  • Slaughtered remains of COWS have been found in various homes of minority community.The cow is revered as a mother , Gau Mata , by many Hindus . That is why cow slaughter can hurt most Hindu sentiments.
  • Thousands and thousands of people from the Hindu community have been placed under arrest under the NSA.
  • Three temples have been vandalised in the block where he is supposed to have given that speech.
  • Village pradhans have been threatened daily by Muslim goondas and mafia of that area.
  • There is widespread fear that arms are being smuggled into ghettos in this sensitive border area to be used against India.
  • The Hindu community is in a siege in its own country.

All these are quite serious threats but no one in media has exposed it and has shown the truth .. And we know the reason why it is not exposed .. If these claims are false then Varun should be severely punished and must be given the death penalty for spreading hate but one has to look for the context, circumstance and situation here .. There is no crime in saying that ‘Hindu pe jo haath uthega, main use kaat daloonga‘ .. He has not taken any name or has not pointed a finger to any community in this statement .. I even dont see anything wrong in saying that “I’m a proud Hindu and an Indian” .. I’m one too ..

Our news channels, their anchors and their so-called pseudo-secular pro-congressi editors who are baying for the blood of Varun Gandhi, has shown their double-standards and hypocrisy million times .. Some of them to pen down here are:
[These facts I have taken from the comments that has been posted on various blogs .. I have heard some of these remarks but not all .. ]

  • When Omar Abdullah had made a highly communal “proud to be a Muslim” speech during the Confidence vote in Parliament, the media invited him in the studio and were praising and congratulating him for the his secularism and modesty ..
  • A Congress leader, Imran Kidwai, speaking from a mosque in Chandigarh a couple of days back, said that Muslims who vote for BJP are infidels. Such communal statements are not shown on our media ..
  • Did Akbaruddin Owaisi get the amount of criticism that Varun Gandhi is getting when Owaisi openly stated that someone like Taslima Nasreen should be beheaded? Where was feminist Renuka Chowdhury then?
  • Antulay‘s anti-national remarks during Mumbai 26/11 attack were ignored my media in a very articulate manner ..

But now when someone says that he is proud to be a Hindu, we will all witness distressing, disturbing and biased reaction from Media ..

Priyanka Gandhi has asked Varun to read Bhagwad Gita but Priyanka, we certainly know that which one of you represent the Kauravs and which one the Pandavs? ..

Today Varun has surrendered to the Police .. He got a huge support in Pilbhit .. There were around 30,000 supporters who came out on their own to support their leader and his cause .. Varun has shown full faith in our law and judiciary system .. I hope justice will prevail and he will be out soon ..

But Varun surely deserves a pat on his back for his audacity and guts .. It’s not easy to surrender to police and to go behind the bars for other’s noble cause, troubles and problems .. He has shown it and he has proved that he is confident young man and he has got all the qualities to be a good leader unlike his cousin and (puppet)PM in-making ..


Ever since Mumbai terror has taken place, I could see most of the citizens abusingand defaming politicians .. I could see Mumbai people gathering at the ‘gateway way of India’, burning several candles and then voicing their disgust on television by blaming politicians of India for all the ills in Indian society and accusing them for not doing any progressive as well as definitive work .. Every one is saying : ‘Enough is enough. It’s high time that we youth must do something’.. My question to all of them is : “Do what???” ..

I am confident that no one has the answer of this question .. Some (pseudo) intellectual and sophisticated English-speaking gentlemen will vent out their (unnecessary) anger on politicians by sitting in an air-conditioned TV studio but when asked about joining the politics, they would say, “It’s not our cup of tea. It’s a dirty business.” .. Bunch of hypocrites ..

Then some bunch of people say that we pay taxes so politicians should do something .. The basic problem of our country is that ke no one wants go beyond paying taxes and abusing politicians and giving lectures on what politicians should do .. A real mockery of our citizenship ..

Then there is another group of people who want politicians to be out of power but they have no alternatives or any other clues about what kind of people or governance should replace them?

If politicians are to be blamed for the recent terrorist attacks, then is it not true that the Indian Navy, the Coast Guard and the Mumbai police too are to be blamed for not taking enough measures to prevent these terrorists from entering Mumbai? .. Politicians’ duty is to create and hold policies .. To successfully execute these policies, politicians need support from all the levels .. If even a single level is weak or not efficient or not doing its duty properly, there will be lapses nad failure .. Hence we could see the results of those lapses ..

So why are we targeting politicians alone?

So to all the people who want alternative form of government, we did try that in mid 70s in the form of emergency .. We all know how terrorised the entire nation was during that period ..

If you want a military rule, then check out our own lovely neighbour Pakistan .. Military is ruling it since ages and thus it is a completely ruined and failed country ..

If you want a theocratic State, then look at Saudi Arabia where women don’t have many rights and even men would become a slave of the government who always remain in the state of fear of death ..

If you want a Communist state, then look how China has been suppressing human rights all these years even without world noticing ..

In Pakistan, Politicians have always abused power so much and they were always ruthless against their opponents — be it Benazir Bhutto or her father Zulfikar Ali Bhutto or Nawaz Sharif .. They put their opponents behind bars for some or the other reasons and made governance a one man rule even in a democracy .. But in our country, though the BJP and Congress play vote bank politics all the time, they will not start a vindictive campaign against each other’s leaders ..

When we talk about corruptions, it’s the politicians who get the media coverage so we get to know about their scams .. But if we could really see and analyze, then we will realize that corruption is rampant in every part of our society .. Doctors are busy in malpractice and making hell lot of money in a uncivilized way by playing with human lives .. Engineers/Builders mix water,cement and all other things to save some bucks and build weak and fragile buildings and bridges which fall or break and so many people get killed .. We could see that roads are getting broken whenever there is a rain hence contractors too are corrupt .. Abu Salem and Afzal Guru get a lawyer in India so that sets one example of how Lawyers are corrupt .. I don’t have to mention about police and bureaucrats .. We all know about them .. Professors and teachers leak the exam papers or they provide favors to the students for some money and play with the careers of intelligent – hard working students .. So in short, every profession, every aspect of our society has become corrupt, dishonest and crooked ..

I agree that ‘Enough is Enough’ but not only for politicians but also for all those journalists and News channels who sit in their studios and don’t even do their jobs properly .. How they provided the help to the terrorists by broadcasting the operation of NSG commandos live on TV .. These channels spread rumours like the one about firing at Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus last Friday, spreading panic in the city .. Do they have any accountability?

At least we have the right to vote politicians out, but what about these journalists and News channels? Don’t you think it is high time we tell them: ‘Enough is Enough’ of your senseless programmes and biased & partial coverage of every issue which is related to our motherland ??

A great revolution is required to clean out all the ills from our society but how will that be done, I have no clue about it ..

Seriously, Enough is enough !!


Hinduism is the world’s oldest living faith .. The religion ‘Hindu‘ is always considered peaceful and non-violent .. We, Hindus, are always very secular, liberal and tolerant .. That is the reason why we have been invaded by all sorts of kings and rulers from every corner of this world .. We were slaves of Mughals then came the British regime and now it’s time for the slavery of so-called self-proclaimed intellectual/sophisticated and (broken!!)English-speaking pseudoseculars ..

So the million-dollar question is: Why this so peace-lovng and tolerant Hindus chose a path which they have never traveled nor they can even dream of traveling?? .. What is making Hindu angry?? .. Why do young “Hindu” men want to bash, bomb, destroy ?? .. Why Sadhvi Pragya and Lt Col Puroit carried out the bomb blast in the Masjid(mosque) at Malegaon ?? ..

Well, since last 7-8 years, the whole world is facing the deadly and lethal ‘Islamic‘ fanaticism and terrorism .. Twin tower and Pentagon attacks in USA, 7/11 attack in London and numerous bomb blasts which took place in every corner of India are the examples of Islamic Terrorism .. Since last 2-3 years, it was becoming really frustrating to go out and have fun .. If you go to temple, you will have a fear back of your mind that there might be a bomb planted by Islamic terrorists and it would explode anytime .. Same fear revolves in your mind when you visit any Mall, Multiplex or any public places .. This fear, terror and panic was really uncalled for and it added fuel to the already frustrated ‘Hindu Praja’ because of Government’s blatant minority appeasement policies and all un-due credit and favour given to the minorities and sidelining majority community from economic progress and political mainstream.

In US, when the twin towers were attacked, in next 2-3 months Bush government invaded Afghanistan and destroyed and demolished Taliban regime .. At that time, people supported Bush and his decision .. But here in India, our government has failed miserably to tackle terrorism and terrorists .. Indian state resoundingly failed in many cases to apprehend the real culprits .. The failure to win the war against the Islamist terrorist created the fear that the government is weak and powerless .. So the frustration level of Hindus got more high .. So-called intellectuals like me felt that ‘Kuch to Karna Padega Kisiko’ and sat quetly in AC bedroom and offices but people like Sadhvi Pragya and Lt Col Purohit had other plans in their minds .. When government is powerless, society must act and hence those people took arms and in turn, law in their own hands and planted bombs in masjid to kill Muslims .. and thus ‘Hindu’ or ‘Saffron’ terror was born ..

Till now, I never used a word like Islamic Terrorism even though most of the attacks were carried out by Islamic fundamentalists and I firmly believe that terrorism has no religion .. But when Ahmedabad/Jaipur blasts took place and the accused were all muslims, our own News Media never used a word ‘Islamic’ terrorism .. At that time, they were vociferously shouting that terrorism and religion has no relation but when Malegaon blast took place and the accused were all Hindu saints, that very media started using ‘Hindu‘ and ‘Saffron‘ terror .. So now I’m compelled to use religion here ..

So I firmly believe that Hindu Terror is a retaliation of the provocation that we have been facing since ages aka Islamic Terrorism and extremism .. It’s a kind of revenge of the blood that we have shed since last 2-3 decades in numerous bomb blasts at our temples and holy places .. It’s a common thinking that Hindus are retaliating just because “when people get tired of not getting justice, they take up arms. If the government had taken action against terrorists earlier, then Hindu groups won’t have been accused of such activities” .. So unless and until the government will not act severely against all the terrorists keeping aside minority vote bank politics, this Hindu rage will continue and it will create a sympathy wave and also the hidden support .. This Hindu rage is surely the newest threat to the civil society and it has to be tackled aggressively yet tactfully ..


It was a usual morning and my daily routine was about to start .. At around 8-45 AM, I came out after taking the bath and to my sheer surprise, I saw my cell phone ringing .. Usually I don’t get calls in the mornings but today was a different day whatsoever .. I went near the phone and ‘Dad Calling’ was flashing on the screen .. Generally my dad calls me at night only but as I saw his name flashing, I could sense that something somewhere is wrong .. And as I had expected and I could not be wrong, My dad gave me the news that Raj Thackrey has been arrested from Ratnagiri and he has been taken to the Bandra Court .. Dad advised me to be careful and if possible avoid going to the office as MNS supporters are surely going to retaliate observing their aggressive nature in the past.. But a brave dude that I am, I prepared myself to go to the office no matter what and got ready for the battle ..

I started driving my car and when I came to the main road, I could feel the bareness, misery, and some weird and bizarre kind of agony in the air .. I could sense a complete peace before the upcoming storm .. Shops and bazaars were all shut .. I could see very less number of Auto-rickshaws and taxis on the road .. There were huge lines on the bus stops and the buses were jam packed with people hanging on the door .. When I reached the highway at least half a mile from my office I could spot some MNS supporters with their tri-color flags and a little sensation of fear passed through my body .. What if they stop me?? ..What if they start beating me?? .. What if they pelt stones on my car ?? .. What if they break glasses of my car ?? .. All kind of negative thoughts passed through my mind but I overcame them and went ahead with a normal speed .. As GOD had his both hands on me, MNS guys were just stopping buses and rickshaws and they were letting cars to pass by .. They were not beating anyone nor they were attacking rickshaw/taxi or UP/Bihar people .. They were just stopping the autos and buses and requesting people to walk by .. So in the end,I reached office safely with a bit of panic and fear ..

In the office too, the atmosphere was strange .. Everyone was talking about the Raj Thackrey arrest and its backlash .. Few colleagues came late as they had to walk that half a mile distance .. They were all scared but luckily no one was attacked .. The whole day passed as no one was in the mood for serious work .. Rumours too started spreading like a forest fire about the riots in different parts of Mumbai and Maharashtra .. People staying in the suburbs were busy talking to their relatives and were curious about the latest update on the situation in their area .. Few people were busy harassing maharashtrian people to teach them some sentences of Marathi so that if they are caught Atlas they can speak some Marathi and can save themselves from the MNS anger

Everybody in my team left at 5-30 PM and I too left for home at 6 .. During back home, I could feel the same gloominess and murkiness on the roads and there were hardly any people on the road .. The shops were closed too .. Even the chemist shops were shut ..I reached home and called mom-dad that I am safe and they should not worry about me .. I switched on the TV and saw all the hungama, chaos and anarchy that Mumbai witnessed during the day and I could say that the panic that I felt while gong to office and while coming back, was right there on TV only the faces were different ..

A dreadful and frightful day full of panic, fear and terror !!!


Pseudo-seculars call him ‘Maut ka Saudagar‘ (Merchant of Death) .. Some anti-Indians call him ‘Hitler‘ .. Some mentally-retarded people call him ‘Hindu fanatic/Extremist‘ but We, Gujaratis and all other Indians who firmly and strongly believe in development and progress, call him ‘CEO of Gujarat‘, ‘Gujarat ka Sher‘ or ‘the CM – The Common Man‘ .. Yeah, you guessed it right .. I’m talking about the king of hearts of Gujarati people Mr Narendra Modi !! ..

Last year his image and his political career both were at stake during Gujarat elections .. He was facing some tough and rigorous slanderous campaign against him by so-called secular parties, BJP rebels, and so-called National news channels which thrive on sensationalism but despite all these, he emerged as a winner .. That time he went to people only with one agenda and that is the development of Gujarat and the work and progress which Gujarat had achieved during his tenure .. We, Gujarati people, casted votes in his favor with our both hands and he won with a landslide victory once again .. He had proved this common phenomena ‘good governance is bad politics’ wrong .. Today I, with a very happy,joyous, exciting and satisfying heart, will say we are not disappointed about the verdict we had given last year ..

I would say so because Tata Motors‘ small car, Nano, will now roll out of Gujarat .. Tata Motors homes in on Gujarat .. Tata Motors chairman, Ratan Tata made the announcement in Gujarat’s capital Gandhinagar Today .. He and Mr. Modi held the press conference together and a memorandum of understanding has been signed between Tata Motors and the Gujarat government .. The Tatas have chosen Sanand, close to Ahmedabad, as the project site .. The site is located within the 1,100-acre Agriculture University campus .. AnandModi could not have asked for a better gift as he too completed record-breaking, heart-throbbing, ground shaking SEVEN grand and majestic years in office as Gujarat’s longest serving CM ..

Whatever happened in West Bengal is really unfortunate .. But whatever happens, happens for a reason and happens for good .. You just cannot work under police security and also under that tension,stress,fear all the time .. It wont take out best of your potential .. It is also Tata’s responsibility to take care of its employees’ life and comfort .. So with a very gloomy and heavy heart, they had to leave Singur but I guess it was a must step and a right one .. And then the search for other state began and all states started wooing Tata for this grand project ..

Despite of the relentless attack on Mr Modi by electronic & press media and other political parties, he has always come out winner time and again .. Under his leadership, Gujarat has taken giant strides as far as development, infrastructure and progress are concerned .. He has made Gujarat one of the foremost progressive states .. Even the Planning Commission has praised the Gujarat government for the judicial way of spending the money allotted to that state .. He has created confidence in investors in various projects that Gujarat is a safe place for investment .. Ratan Tata is a very intelligent businessman .. He would not have preferred Gujarat for the Nano project, if they had no confidence in Modi or the Gujarat government .. So I am here to wish a warm welcome to Tata Nano project in Gujarat .. Welcome aboard and wishing you a fruitful, successful and long journey ahead ..

But again, the media is left red faced .. I’m so happy about it .. So now Rajdeep Sardesai, Barkha Datt, Teesta Setalvaad, Mahesh Bhatt etc, if you are planning for a mass sucide then I can contribute by buying out some petrol for you .. Awwww, Petrol is expensive .. I guess Diesel will do .. LOL !! .. Do you guys really think that we, millions of Gujaratis, are stupid, idiots,fanatics and of different breed that we have elected this man twice and that too with a land slide victory?? .. No .. We have elected him because of his efficient administration .. Because of his great leadership .. because of his good governance .. Because of his honesty and clear image .. Because of his vision for the progress of Gujarat .. Because of his dedication and commitment for the development of Gujarat .. And by Gujarat, I mean every Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian residing in it .. He has not only developed infrastructure for Hindus .. It is used by all and the whole nation knows that .. Remember one thing you pseudo-seculars, we always give clear verdict .. We always give the right verdict ..

Bravo Modi Bravo .. Every Gujarati is proud of you ..

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Update: Links of other celebrity bloggers’ blog have been suggested by some of my friends. So I have added them in the end with the credit given to the specific contributor.

Well, I love celebrities .. I wish to become a celebrity one day in my life .. Celebrities love to be controversial at times .. I also have started controversies by posting some gross and nasty comments on some blogs .. I love blogging and many celebrities also have started their own blogs and have begun expressing their thoughts, views and experiences on their respective blogs .. So you know, there are so many resemblance exist between me and the celebrities .. So I can imagine the day when I will come out of the hummer-limousine and walking on the red carpet, people standing(& jumping !!) on my left and right beyond the fence cheering and shouting my name, Indian media telecasting only me and my life and making people bore to death, terrorists threaten to kill me and Indian tax department send me notices just because I am supporting the rival party of the ruling-government .. Ahhhaa, what a sight that is !!

Common, let me get back to my topic without escaping in a Soham’s wonderland and making you close the window of your IE or FireFox err I meant Google Chrome .. You must have started using Google Chrome after reading my this post .. Well, enough of the advertisements of Chrome .. You all know that I love it to the core ..

Coming back to my topic again, since last few days, I have been reading a lot of celebrity blogs and I am thoroughly enjoying it .. I could now know what they think about us(people – in general), their friends, their rivals, critics etc .. It’s so refreshing to read their blogs .. Sometimes they are funny, sometimes they are diplomatic and sometimes they are intelligent too ..

So let me share a list of celebrity bloggers which I found through googling .. I do not read all of them but I thought to share them with you .. You might like them ..

  • Bollywood Celebrities:

1) Amitabh Bachhan: To go to his blog click here ..
He is the star of millennium and heart-throb of millions .. he has always been humble, noble and through gentleman through out his entire life and this quality of his reflects in his writings too .. He is too diplomatic at times and sometimes he is funny too ..

Recently in his last post, he apologized on behalf of Jayaji-his wife for her remarks on Hindi-Marathi language .. This shows how sober he is .. There was no fault of Jayaji .. She just passed a comment to make the moment lighter during the music release of film Drona and urged everyone to speak in Hindi as the film is in Hindi but her comment was twisted completely by Raj Thackeray for political gain and she was literally verbally abused by Raj by saying “Guddi Buddhi ho gayee par akal nahin aayee” .. This is insanely inappropriate .. But in return Jayaji and Amitabhji both apologised for the crime that they have not commited and showed that Bachhan family is the greatest family of the film fraternity ..

2) Ram Gopal Verma: To go to his blog click here ..
This is the funniest blog from the lot .. RGV is shrewd, funny,money-minded, selfish and rude but he is honest and frank too .. He does not hide these ill(qualities) of his and he too admits that he has made mistakes making some of his recent films .. It’s always fun to read his replies to some of the comments made by readers ..

For example,
One reader asked him that what is the thing which scares him the most??.. RGV in his own flamboyant style replied that it’s Karan Johar and his films and that too for obvious obvious reasons .. ha ha ha ..

3) Karan Johar: To go to his blog click here ..
One of the best directors of the recent time .. He is way too diplomatic and sweet in his writings .. But it’s fun to read about his clash with RGV ..

4) Aamir Khan: To go to his blog click here ..
He loves to be controversial .. But writes well ..

5) Gul Panag: To go to herblog click here ..

6) Shekhar Kapur: To go to his blog click here ..

7) Rahul Bose: To go to his blog click here ..

8) Rohit Roy: To go to his blog click here ..

9) Anurag Kashyap: To go to his blog click here ..

10) Pooja Bedi: To go her blog click here ..

  • Sports Celebrities:

1) Abhinav Bindra: To go to his blog click here ..
One and only Olympic gold-medalist of India .. He writes about his daily experiences and how his life has changed post-Olympic ..

2) Gary Kirsten: To go to his blog click here ..

  • Politicians:

1) Laalu Prasad Yadav: To go to his blog click here ..

2) Omar Abdulla: To go to his blog click here ..

  • IAS – IPS – Police:

1) Kiran Bedi: To go to her blog click here ..


Kanan suggested following Celebrity Blog:
1) Salman Khan: To go his blog click here ..
This blog is about his show ‘Dus ka Dum’ and not about his life or views ..

Vinayak suggested following Celebrity Blog:
1) Shobha De: To go to her blog click here ..

If you know or come across any other celebrity’s blog then do let me know .. I would love to read that too .. Happy reading then !!


Friday, the 25Th July, IT-hub Bangalore was rocked by 9 serial blasts .. These were low-intensity blasts but still several people died and hundreds got injured .. Whole India was just coming out of this sad situation and we hear about not 1,2 or 3 but 19 blasts which shook Ahmedabad the next day on 26Th July .. The bloody terrorists even did not spare general hospitals .. They exploded two heaviest bombs in the hospital premises – one in Civil Hospital and one in LG General Hospital( My mom and dad work in this hospital as honorary professors .. Both are safe .. Thank GOD ) killing more than 30 people on the spot .. Total death toll reached 49 while I am writing this post .. This is height of cruelty .. How can you be so insane, so inhuman, so deadly, so feeling less and I would say so coward ..

My most sincere condolences to all those who have been personally affected by this attack on Ahmedabad and Banglore.. May their souls rest in peace and all the injured ones get well soon and the two cities can forget and come out of this shock soon and become normal, cool, calm and roll once again..

But amidst all that, it’s the time for our government to fight back .. These blasts were a wake-up call.. No more sentences like ‘Unko jawaab diya jayega‘ or ‘Woh bach nahin sakte‘ .. NDA government had introduced POTA to counter attack the terrorists .. Once Congress was back in Delhi, they dissolved POTA stating that it’s being misused against Muslims .. They also stated that with POTA on file, there is no reduction in terrorist attacks .. Well Mrs Sonia Gandhi and Mr. Manmohan Singh – I want to tell you that there is a law that if you travel without a ticket in a train or bus and if you get caught then you will have to pay the fine..Still people travel without ticket in Bus/Train but when they are caught they have to pay the charges or at least they have that fear of getting caught by police or Ticket-Checker .. SO this does not mean we should dissolve or cancel the law just because people don’t stop travelling without ticket .. POTA does the same thing .. Atleast when one terrorist is caught, he will be in the custody and he cant get any bail and will be punished severely .. So at least terrorists have fear in their minds .. But just to keep their Muslim vote-bank intact, they ruled it out without finding out the ways of preventing its misuse .. But who am I suggesting all these?? .. To Mrs Sonia Gandhi and to Mr. Manmohan Singh who have not even executed Afzal Guru’s death penalty who had active participation on the attack on parliament even though it has been ordered by Supreme court of India and the ones who deny the existence of Lord Ram and who wants to demolish Ram-Setu (A bridge built by Ram) just for the sake of Muslim vote-bank ..

Please, come out of this vote-bank policies and think about us.. Don’t just utter strong statements.. We need strong actions too .. Don’t be so soft on terrorism .. Don’t go for any friendship talks with Pakistan .. You just cannot trust them .. Don’t just blame our Police and Intelligence agencies every time .. They gave you Afzal Guru – wht did you do ?? .. If you don’t have guts to punish them, give them to us .. To forgive these terrorists is GOD’s responsibility but to arrange their meetings with GOD, it’s our responsibility ..So act fast .. Act aggressive .. Act tactfully .. Act deadly .. Be lethal .. Be merciless ..


We need a leader like Australian Prime Minister – Mr.John Howard .. Look below what he did .. Anyone of our leader has got this type of guts .. I don’t think so and that’s why we are suffering ..


Muslims who want to live under Islamic Sharia law were told on Wednesday to get out of Australia , as the government targeted radicals in a bid to head off potential terror attacks.

Quote: ‘IMMIGRANTS, NOT AUSTRALIANS, MUST ADAPT. Take It Or Leave It. I am tired of this nation worrying about whether we are offending some individual or their culture. Since the terrorist attacks on Bali, we have experienced a surge in patriotism by the majority of Australians.’ .. ‘This culture has been developed over two centuries of struggles, trials and victories by millions of men and women who have sought freedom’ .. ‘We speak mainly ENGLISH, not Spanish, Lebanese, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, or any other language. Therefore, if you wish to become part of our society. Learn the language!’ .. ‘Most Australians believe in God. This is not some Christian, right wing, political push, but a fact, because Christian men and women, on Christian principles, founded this nation, and this is clearly documented. It is certainly appropriate to display it on the walls of our schools. If God offends you, then I suggest you consider another part of the world as your new home, because God is part of our culture.’ .. ‘We will accept your beliefs, and will not question why. All we ask is that you accept ours, and live in harmony and peaceful enjoyment with us.’ .. ‘This is OUR COUNTRY, OUR LAND, and OUR LIFESTYLE, and we will allow you every opportunity to enjoy all this. But once you are done complaining, whining, and griping about Our Flag, Our Pledge, Our Christian beliefs, or Our Way of Life, I highly encourage you take advantage of one other great Australian freedom, ‘THE RIGHT TO LEAVE’.’ .. ‘If you aren’t happy here then LEAVE. We didn’t force you to come here. You asked to be here. So accept the country YOU accepted.’


This is called guts .. This is called patriotism .. This is called ‘I care for my country’ .. This is called respecting your religion, your culture, your tradition .. When will we get a leader like this?? .. Please GOD send someone to save us .. You are our only saviour ..


…And here goes the result of the confidence vote .. UPA gets 275 votes while the opposition gets 256 .. 10 MPs refrained themselves from voting .. Manmohan Singh won with a good margin of 19 votes .. Since last 10 days, all India witnessed a high drama .. Buying-Selling of MPs, Sincere efforts to woo your rivals, love, care, sympathy, hate, loath all emotions came out from all the corners of India and from all the political parties .. But the way the things were changing, it became mere a formality for the government to win the confidence vote as Congress and Samajwadi party had offered all the amenities, money and other comforts to BJP rebels and other small party leaders .. JMM leader Shibu Soren will get coal ministry and one of his other MPs will get other Union ministry for supporting UPA .. Ajit Singh got the Lucknow airport named after his father Mr.Charansingh .. BJP rebels might get Congress ticket in the forth coming elections .. Other greedy MPs got huge amount of money..

But but but this confidence motion will be best remembered for the allegations made by BJP of bribing their MPs to vote for the government by Congress and Samajwadi party .. It’s a real shame .. It’s ridiculous .. It’s pathetic .. Three MPs of BJP literally piled up the currency notes which were offered to them by Amarsingh of Samajwady party and Ahmed Patel of Congress and showed it to the Indian audience and the honorable speaker .. They even told that they have the video tapes of the total transaction which was carried out .. My dad opposes this move by stating that they should have not shown these money in the parliament and instead they should have contacted speaker or police or some other authority .. Parliament is a temple and this incident should not have taken place there .. I guess my dad was a little biased .. I don’t agree with his view on this incident .. My counter question to his view is that the session in the parliament was aired live and millions of Indians were watching it .. I think it was the right place and right time to show Indian people what really takes place outside the parliament by our own elected members .. MPs are getting bribed to move away from their party and to vote for their rivals .. They are also given advance payments .. Some MPs are even threatened .. Any and every party tries to win the confidence vote by hook or by crook ..I think those three MPs showed real guts to come out in public and confess that they have been bribed by opposition .. If they have not taken this step, how will Indian people would come to know about it??.. By going to police or contacting speaker, do you think this malicious intent of opposition would have come out and would have got Indian People’s attention .. I think it was a right step and Hats off to those three MPs for coming OUT AND PRESENTING THE TRUTH in front of US .. It really requires quite a courage even if you have got a backing of some stalwart political leaders, I must say .. If they reveal the truth, they are going to be abused and criticized .. If they hide the truth, they are of course gonna be abused and criticized .. What else can they do?? .. To display the money which have been offered to you as a bribe in the parliament is far far better than to pick up a mike and literally throw at your rivals and to engage in physical quarrel .. So when the later happens, does parliament lose its dignity as a temple?? .. All is fare in love and war and this confidence vote was no less than a war for BJP and Congress .. My dad and media said it was a black spot in the history of Indian Parliament but I say it’s the only white spot in the black history of Indian parliament.. At least some one got out and revealed what’s happening behind our backs ..

But all said and done, Congress and its allies have won the confidence vote .. There will be no early elections .. Government will complete its tenure for 5 years .. It’s the only soothing part of it .. At least now Mr.PM and Mr.FM can think of the issues of sky-rocketing price-rise and inflation which really affect the common men..

Hats off to Indian Politics and politicians !!


Event – 1:

11Th July was my mom’s birthday .. Chitrali and I gave her a surprise visit and yeah, she was damn happy.. Went for a nice dinner and it was a complete family night-out.. Had lot of fun..

By the way, mom turned 16 this year again.. Ha ha ha, she has not changed a bit for these many years and she looks as gorgeous and as beautiful as she looked when she got married, when I was born, when I took my first step, when I uttered my first word, when I first went to school, when I joined high school, when I opted for engineering, when I went to pursue my MS in USA, when I got engaged and when I got married too..I am sure that she will look the same when I will become papa or even grandpa one day..

Mom, I am just following your steps and want to be like you – So humble, so honest, so pure, so simple, so kind, so loving and so caring..

Happy Birthday Mom !! ..



Well, lets come to the political scenario of our country..

Left Parties(Communists) have withdrawn their support to their ally Congress as they were unhappy with the congress which was going for Nuke-deal with America.. For communists, their ideology comes first and nation or patriotism comes second.. Hence now we are in the state of hung assembly.. July 22ND is the d-day when Manmohan Singh is planning to win the confidence vote and Left parties and BJP are planning to defeat the congress in confidence vote and push our country in the state of elections once again without completing 5-year tenure and that to amidst ever-rising and unconrollable inflation and price-rise.. I just don’t understand when a stalwart and genius like Dr. Abdul Kalam states that the N-deal is beneficial for India then why on this earth BJP is opposing it??.. We can understand about Left parties as I had mentioned they really don’t care about country or motherland as they always want to stick to their ideology no matter what but why cant BJP support Congress when it comes to the interest of nation..By supporting Congress in Nuke deal this time, BJP would have gained so much of support form Aam Aadmi but it failed to do it again..BJP think-tank is again making blunders and hence Mr. L K Advani, you now just day-dream the PM chair..You wont get it for sure..You have just acted like a sheer opposiion leader who just want to oppose, oppose and oppose.. You are no different than Left parties this time..National pride or National interest is not your concern but to oppose congress in whatever they do is of paramount importance to you..

By the way, I just saw in the news that the congress is paying 25 Crore RS to the independent and rebel MPs to vote for them.. Man, that’s too much of money I guess.. Whoooping 25 Crore.. Wow, Indian Politics at its bestest ..



Well, I wished my mom by giving her a surprise visit but if yo are staying abroad and if you would like to wish your dear-near ones and you plan to send them a greeting card then BEWARE .. Reema, in her this post, states that there is a scam/fraud going on in the Indian postal service.. They will just take out the stamp from the envelope which you have mailed and then they will charge the recipients for the same as it has been delivered without stamp.. So it’s better to send an email or e-card when you really want to wish..

Please spread awareness about this scam on your blog/website so that adequate steps can be taken to prevent it..



It was shameful.. It was pathetic.. It was ridiculous.. It was insulting.. It can boil any body’s blood who is as patriotic as I am.. It can pierce through the heart like a sharp-edged arrow or like an AK-47 bullet of a person who is as proud being an Indian as I am..

He held the highest rank in the Indian Army.. He was the Field Marshal.. During India-Pakistan war in 1971, he motivated our force and shown some brilliant and mature strategy which ended the war with Pakistan’s unconditional surrender, and the formation of Bangladesh.. I am talking about none other than great legend of India Field Marshal Sir Sam Manekshaw.. He took his last breath on June 27, 2008.. He died of complications from pneumonia at the Military Hospital in Wellington, Tamilnadu.. He was great.. He was a real Indian who cared about his life or his family while protecting our motherland from our enemies.. He was awake all night watching the border so that we all could sleep well..He was patrolling at the border so that we all could roam around in our cars and and bikes and can go for a long drive.. He was protecting the border so that we all could play cricket all day long.. He was making various strategy plans so that we could all write our exams and make brilliant careers..

But now this is India.. The worst thing this great man would have hoped for happened during his funeral.. Not a single so-called patriotic and loyal Indian politician was present for the funeral ceremony of this ‘Ratna’ of India.. Our president Mrs. Pratibha Patil who is also termed as commander-in-chief of the armed forces was missing.. Our Prime Minister Mr. Manmohan Singh was busy preparing a speech for G-8 Summit.. Indira Gandhi had a great respect for Manekshaw.. After all, he had won her the prestigious battle with Pakistan.. But her daughter-in-law Mrs. Sonia Gandhi was busy doing her maths so that she could remain in power a little longer and can rob the country more.. Defense minister and also the chiefs of all three staffs(air, navy and army) were absent too.. I don’t know what they were busy in.. What was our so-called Hindu-Samrat and Opposition leader L.K. Advani doing?.. Was he busy preparing for early polls and day-dreaming the PM chair??.. Only he can answer this..

Well, my analysis says that ke these politician did not turn up for the funeral intentionally and deliberately.. They must have thought that this Manekshaw had defeated Pakistan and formed Bangladesh.. Hence if they show some gratitude towards this man then their Muslim-votebank might feel bad & insecure and they will turn to some other parties.. But they should understand that Indian Muslims are Indians first..They are not Pakistanis.. They love, respect and adore Manekshaw as much as we do.. They are no different.. They also feel that if someone invades our country then it should be kicked out immediately without any mercy, be it Pakistan or China.. Once our politicians start understanding Indian Muslims, we wont have any riots or other religious problems in India.. Also it would have affected their on-going friendship talks with Pakistan if any respect had been shown towards him..After all, Manekshaw was of no use for them..

Manekshaw’s contribution, his grace, his service, his achievements all were arrogantly ignored as said by Shobha De in her this article in TOI.. A must read for every Indian.. Even common people turned up in impressive numbers to say their farewells to the man they adored and respected..

Thank God that Sam Manekshaw is no more to witness this latest act of shame from Indian Politicians..

Soham – ** Hangs his head in sheer shame ***