When he goes out… to bat, people switch …on their television sets and switch off their lives.

I won’t be giving any prizes for guessing what and for who this post is dedicated to !! .. It is obvious from an ardent cricket fan like me ..

I was in office doing my work and watching the live score on cricinfo(even though it’s not allowed !!) .. Slowly and steadily, Sachin reached 50 then 75 then 100 .. I was feeling good but I had no idea what I’m gonna discover few hours later .. Once Tendy reached 150, I had butterflies in my stomach and got this uncanny feeling that today might be the day when this legend is gonna fulfill the dream of millions of Indians(including me!!) to break the record of Saeed Anwar by scoring double-century ..

When he reached 180, I just could not stop myself and took off from office .. Unfortunately today I did not bring my car to office .. So went out and waited for the auto .. But my fate had other story to tell .. Could not get an auto rickshaw for a while .. Was praying and sweating heavily .. Curiosity and anxiety were all over my body .. And suddenly some angel auto arrived and headed towards home ..

I could see every Nukkad, every Pan-shop and every other shop with TV on was full of people cheering Sachin Sachin .. When I was about 1 Km away from my home, I heard from someone that Sachin is on 198 .. Now just can’t miss the moment of his double-ton .. So I took out money, gave it to auto-driver without caring to take the change and ran towards the barber shop which has a tiny little TV on .. It was full of people who were just swearing Dhoni as he was not giving strike to Sachin .. I sat in the shop with a baited breadth and with biting my nails .. Continuous prayer was going on in the background of my mind .. And then the moment arrived .. He took a single by playing a wide ball to the gully area and the whole barber shop which was stand-still and silent a moment ago went on a rampage and fire .. Cheering, yelling, applauding, hugging and all other emotions you can think of .. I had little tears in my eyes when Sachin lifted his bat to acknowledge the crowd .. Just cant forget this moment for my whole life .. And then we won comfortably and convincingly .. This story had a better ending, I must say and must thank god for that .. I had everything : shivers, goosebumps, tears, smiles, laugh and most important feeling that one of my dreams have come true today !!

Social networking sites like twitter and facebook were full of Sachin messages ..

So I would like to pen down some of the twitter messages about the legend which are truely awesome and interesting :

I finally know what god really looks like!! He is about 5″5, maharashtrian and plays cricket!! Tendulkar bapa morya

I think India should have a 200 rupees note now with Sachin embossed on it.

Cricketers wud say ‘i played in the times of sachin’ , we wud say ‘we tweeted in the times of sachin’ ..

A 400+ score from Sachin’s blade in a test fuckin match and I’ll die as a happy n contented man.

BREAKING NEWS : Tendulkar haters decide to retire from all forms of cricket…

The number 200 should consider itself lucky that it has the name TENDULKAR associated with it ..

Sachin Tendulkar- The best there is, there was , and there ever will be……what a player!!!!! no words to describe a player like this!!They are not produced….they are just born like this….GOD IS PLAYING CRICKET…..Salute to the master blaster….

Just look at the love and respect this little maestro is getting from all over the world ..

And ravi Shahstri rightly said : First man on the planet to reach 200 … And it’s the superman from India … Take a bow Master !!!

Yup, take a bow .. Standing ovation for you little maestro .. You are the only Indian who unites other billion Indians ..

I’m so proud of you and so as every proud Indian !!


Well, the grand old party of India Congress has done it again which it does the best since independence – Misgovern and Mismanagement ..

It first divided us on religion basis when our highly qualified and quite sober PM Mr. Manmohan Singh calmly and tactfully said that ke minority of India has the first right on everything which belongs here (Yeah, yeah : as if we majority has done some kind of crime in this country which we proudly called as Hindustan !!) ..

Then it divided us on lingual/region basis when Maharashtra CM Ashok Chavan passed the bill which stated that taxi permits should be given to only those who can read, write and speak fluent marathi .. (Yeah, yeah : how different are you know from MNS and Shivsena !! .. Hypo crates ..)

And then it touched the lowest bottom when the prices of vegetables, oil, fruits etc went way way way high that an aam aadmi (common man) cant even cope up with .. Cant even survive .. Cant even live .. But it does not affect them .. They are still more concerned about SRK and his film My Name is Khan ..

Just look at the chart below :

Price (in Rs.)

Daily Consumable

Year 2009

Year 2010

Increment (%)





Moong Daal
















Eggs( / dz.)




Green Peas
















But no one is really concerned .. Not Congress .. Not opposition .. Not media .. Not Burkha Dutt or Not Rajdeep Sardesai ..

Pakistan is killing our army jawans on a daily basis .. It is bombing and firing at borders and violating cease farm since last two weeks .. It invades our home and kills people in hospitals, local trains, hotels, bars, railway stations .. But still we need them to play cricket here .. we need them to sing in our films .. We need them for ‘Aman ki Asha‘ ..

I still feel that where have our self-respect, Indian pride, patriotism vanished? .. we have not achieved anything by talks with Pakistan in last 60 years so now why we need Aman ki Asha? .. Seriously we are blind-folded and programmed by few so-called intellectual people and we are making huge huge mistakes ..

But we are Indians and we never learn from our mistakes .. So I’m neither shocked nor surprised ..

(P.S. : Just saw the NEWS that LPG is going be dearer by 100, kerosene by 45, petrol by 4 and diesel by 2 RS ..)

God help us !!


my favorite festival Makar-Sakranti (14th Jan) when whole of Gujarat go onto their terraces, fly kites and shout ‘Katta’ – ‘Lapettt’ etc etc with some loud music and delicious Undhiyu-Puri ..

Work has kept me busy this time .. But I may go to Ahmedabd on 15th to enjoy the second day as people of Gujarat do not find one day enough to celebrate kite flyin .. On 15th also, the festival is celebrated with the same zeal and joy ..

Let us see how it turns out .. But right now I’m in office and I can visualize all my friends flying kites and enjoying the terrific atmosphere ..

Do I envy them ? .. Oh yes, I sure do !!


People of India often take out their disgust and anger on Indian politicians and frankly most of them deserve this anguish .. But in Gujarat, there is a different trend altogether .. Here people just love, adore,admire and respect their CM – Mr. Narendra Modi ..

Yesterday Mr. Narendra Modi travelled in Bus Rapid Transit System(BRTS) – Janmarg local transport bus to reach GMDC ground where a get-to-gather with media persons was organized. After buying a ticket, he boarded the bus and started his journey towards the destination ..

One lady who looked quite well-off and educated asked for Modi’s autograph and also requested that he must write the date and time so that her family remembers can believe that she was with Modi in a bus ..

One gentleman asked Modi to talk to his wife on his mobile phone and Modi happily acknowledged his request ..

While returning Modi took the same bus .. This time he was not taht lucky as there was no vacant seat .. So he completed and enjoyed his journey by standing all the way through .. Of course people offered their seats to their heart-throb CM but he politely refused it .. Many school and college students asked for his autographs and he happily their wishes ..

I have not seen people taking autographs other than of film starts or of cricketers .. Truly remarkable and noteworthy ..

Incidentally, yesterday Modi completed 3000 days as Chief Minister of Gujarat. So the CM(Chief Minister) mingled with CM(Common man) ..

3000 days but still people love and respect him the same as they used to do when he sworn in as CM for the first time ..

3000 days but there is no single anti-incumbency factor against him or against his governance ..

And it’s worthless to mention about Gujarat’s progress under his dynamic and visionary leadership .. Statistics, awards and all the surveys tell the story themselves let alone people’s love and respect for Narendra Modi ..


… faded in oblivion. Everyday commuting and work keeping me busy like hell.

But even in that busy schedule, I watched two movies recently.

First one was ROCKET SIGH .. It was kind of OK but presented a very good message of honesty and business ethics .. Ranbir really rocked .. next superstar I guess !!

Second one was like a unimaginable unprecedented cinematic experience of life time .. Yeah, you have guessed it right .. It was AVATAR 3D .. It just took my mind away with the story, screenplay, photography and animations .. It too gave a good message of bonding between living entities like animals, humans and trees .. Just felt like I was in a different world .. Kaash I can go and stay in Pandora for a while !!

So Christmas is around the corner so let me wish you all a merry Christmas and happy new year..


Sachin recently hit the tremendous 175 against Australia but his toiling efforts went in complete vain as our tail-handlers could not even score 19 runs .. As soon as Sachin was back in the pavallion, the rest of the batsmen fell like a pack of cards .. We lost the battle by a very very narrow margin .. I mean it’s nothing new .. It has happened so many times now that we are used to it now .. I was so dishearten and disappointed and so as millions of other Indians and cricket fans ..

Recently got a forwarded mail which states the reson why Sachin is hated everywhere and it truly reflects my thoughts and my mind ..

Following are the reasons why I hate Sachin:

1. He always plays a brilliant innings before my exam and hence doesn’t let me study.

2. Every time that I think of becoming an atheist, he gets into the nineties and I have no choice but to pray.

3. Every time I take a resolution not to bite my nails, he gets into the nineties and I am left with no choice but to chew on my nails.

4. He costs way too much on ‘super selector’ but since I have to pick him, the rest of my team gets weakened.

5. During a match, invariably when I want to go to the bathroom, he hits a boundary and hence I have no choice but to sit and watch the replay. Even my father/friends wont allow me to change the sit when Sachin is batting. No one cares about my agony.

6. As soon as I convince myself that God does not exist, he plays a straight drive and proves me wrong.

7. He brings the whole country to a standstill whenever he bats.

8. And the last and the biggest reason why I hate Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar …

He is going to retire sometime in the future .. A slightest thought about his retirement brings tears in my eyes .. When he will retire, I feel that my life will come to a complete standstill .. How will I live without watching him on the field, without seeing him scoring tons and tons of runs, without hearing his baby voice .. Uffff , why Sachin why ?? .. Why were you born In India and why did you play cricket ?? .. We just love you so much that we cant see you going ..

As they say, commit all your crime when Sachin is batting, coz even GOD is watching his batting.

That he can feel more pain than the youngest team member and the oldest fan, is a fact that deserves a story by itself.

But for me, that is enough to forget my pain and stand in unreserved applause for the man who makes me feel more Indian than any other.

So true !! Hats off to the master !!


What’s up everyone out there ?? .. It’s been almost a month and half since I blogged .. Had thought of writing about Champions’ league and Maharashtra elections but somehow could not implement the thought ..

Last month, I was completely engrossed in festive mood .. First came Navratri even though I did not go for any Garba Night this time but just the visual clips on TV about live Garbas of Ahmedabad and Surat made me nostalgic and quite happy .. Then came Dasherra .. After that, it was a time of the king of festivials DIWALI .. did not take any vacation for that but still went home and socialized all three days which I spent at home .. Did a bit of shopping too ..

Now I’m back to my karma-Bhoomi mumbai and resumed my job .. Maharashtra assembly election results were up to the prediction and there wasn’t any surprise .. The only thing that amused me was the unpredictable and unprecedented growth Raj Thackrey and his party MNS .. MNS might have won only 13 seats but they have single-handedly dented Shivsena-BJP’s votebank and emerged as the secong largest party in Mumbai .. That is quite an achievement by a three-years old party to overpower four decade old stong and aggressive party like Shivsena .. MNS’ presence has cost around 45 seats to BJP-Sena where saffron alliance could hv easily won ..Keeping apart his anti-north indian ideology, this man Raj Thackrey has charishma of his own like his uncle Balasaheb and his persona has created a magnificent impression atleast on marathi youth .. He is a man to watch out in Maharashtra politics .. Even after a bad governance, security lapses, uncontrollable corruption, mis management Congress-NCP alliance is back to power to ru(i)n the goverment ..

Bigg Boss 3 has started again and the season of Maa-Bahen ki Gaaliyaan is back .. Kamal Rashid Khan (KRK) single-handedly took up the job and performed the role of a villain and abused almost everyone in the house .. He has been kicked out of the Bigg Boss because of his misbehaviour and aggression but I personally feel that it is nothing more than a bloody TRP stunt .. He will be back soon .. Sometimes I wonder these TV producers/Directors really think that we are this much stupid and idiot ??

Loved the slogan which was told by someone on twitter: Congress ki aayee fir Sarkar – UP,Bihar khaaye maaar .. LOL !!

By the way, I stay in Navi Mumbai .. So here Mr. Ganesh Naik is an MLA from Belapur , his son Mr. Sandeep is an MLA from Airoli and his older son Dr. Sanjeev is an MP from Thane .. So this one family completely rules the navi mumbai political regime .. Did this phenomena ring any bell ?? .. Doesn’t it identical to the fact that the one family of Delhi which rules our whole country since decades!!! .. Political dynasty at its best .. Cant help it ..


Recently one of my college and blogger friends Nova expressed her annoyance about her hubby’s passion and affection to cricket and how he (unconsciously) ignores her during cricket matches .. Few other girls supported her in her disgust as they were facing the same ditto problem from their husbands’ fondness for cricket ..

This conversation literally kicked away my writer’s block which I was facing since long and gave some gyan in my mind to pen down my thoughts about how cricket-crazy my family is .. Ofcourse, we belong to a cricket fanatic country and my family is no exception in that ..

Let me start with my dad .. I have not seen ardent cricket fan like him in my whole life .. Be it any god-damned match even Bangladesh v/s Kenya, you can find him watching on TV .. Whether it’s 5 AM in the morning New Zealand match or late in the night West-indies match, no matter what, he will stick to his TV ignoring the whole little world around him .. He’s a big Sachin fan .. He wears a pendant which has Sachin’s face on it so that Sachin always remains close to his heart .. When Sachin used to get out, I could see the anger in dad’s eyes and in behaviour .. He is not much into statistical data or a records lover but he does not want Ponting to break the record of Sachin for highest number of centuries in test cricket .. So right now his prayers mostly involves the wish that Ponting gets out early whenever he is on the crease .. One of our family friends Mr. Surajiwala even suffered from a heart-attack when Javed Miandad hit Chetan Sharma for a last-ball six ..

My 80-year old Nani (Grandmother) is a big cricket fan too .. even at this age, she captures every bit of news which involves our team, our captains and any damn controversies .. She even has many suggestions for our team like who should open and who should come in the middle order to name a few .. She watches cricket matches in her room having bhagwan-ki-maala in one hand andr emote in the other .. She even takes out her anger and disgust when Sehwag gets out playing a foolish and unnecessary slog shot .. It is so thrilling to watch those expressions ..

There is this thing called heriditary and genetics .. Hence I do have inherited this cricket-craziness and passion from my family .. I too watch all most all the matches amid tight schedules and office timings .. I’m also more into statistics and records .. I love to keep myself updated about almost every records and statistics of the cricket world .. My cousin and I have never missed watching a single match that has been played in Ahmedabad during our teens .. We used to plan in advance about it as how to bunk the school, tutions and how to prepare if exams are near .. Watching IPL matches in Mumbai was fun .. I even prayed and recited Hanuman Chalisa almost thousand times when our team was losing in the world cup final in 2003 .. It even rained and match was about to get canceled but then it started and we eventually lost .. May be the GOD was with Australian fans and heard their prayers which really made the clouds and in turn rain invisible and the match was resumed ..

I’m also lucky to get a wife who likes cricket and has knowledge of cricket rules (Not LBWs though !!) and even loves watching it on TV .. I even remembered her shouts, anger and agony when ‘Mumbai Indians‘ lost last year’s IPL match and failed to qualify for the semi-finals .. She was furious ..

So my message to all the wives/girl friends who have problems with their soul mate’s cricket passion:

1) Cricket is religion for us and Sachin is our God ..

2) We do care for you and love you but we too have the same feeling for Team India as much as you have the love for shopping and gossiping ..

3) World around us becomes standstill for cricket fans like us when there is an important match going on or when there is a tense moment .. Please let us eat our nails during these tense moments as we dont like advices at that particular time ..

4) Whenever possible, please say whatever you have to say during commercials when any match is going on ..

Oh !! it’s 2 in the afternoon and I’m heading to cricinfo site for live cricket scores of India v/s New Zealand match which will start in a short while in Colombo ..

All the best India .. All the best Sachin ..


Flu — Flu — It’s a Swine-Flu !!!!!

Swine-flu is omnipresent these days – in news, in talks, in papers and also in the bodies of humans !! .. It has already created a panic in India and it continues to haunt people even when I am writing this one .. At the same moment, I am getting an email from my office HR explaining the Dos and Don’ts during this Swine-Flu anarchy ..

Current Death Toll because of Swine-Flu:
Pune – 3
Ahmedabad – 1 (NRI who had come from Atlanta, USA)
Delhi – 1
Mumbai – 1
Chennai – 1

Pune is the worst-affected city while Delhi comes close second ..

Swine-Flu is not at all dangerous .. All cases of Swine Flu are not serious in nature .. So there is no need for panic .. It just needs an extra care and it can be prevented .. Public awareness is what the need of an hour instead of panic, chaos or fear ..

  • Some important points about Swine-Flu (H1N1 Viral Infection):

1) Swine Flu is a highly contagious disease .. So If suffering from flu-like symptoms ( fever, running nose, cold , sore throat, nausea / vomiting) , please isolate yourself to prevent transmission of infection to others as the disease spreads by droplet infection while coughing and sneezing ..

2) Report to doctor either family physician or preferably in a govt. hospitals as they are better equipped and take necessary treatment ..

3) Undergo nasal / throat swab test on the advice of the govt. doctors as required at recognized centres .. SWINE-FLU medicines are ONLY available with Govt. Hospitals in India ..

4) Avoid going to crowded places like market, malls, air ports, railway stations, multiplexes if possible. I know there are so many great and lucrative deals going on in malls but avoiding it will save you some money too .. And yes, you can watch ‘Kaminey’ next week .. No big deal, huh !!

5) Always use N95 masks whenever possible .. They are specifically made for H1N1 Viruses .. Just dont buy usual surgical masks ..

6) Be careful with elderly people, children , pregnant women and people suffering from TB, HIV, diabetic, chronic lung / heart and neurological diseases and Cancer as they are more susceptible ..

7) Develop healthy habits like nutritious diet, safe drinking water , enough rest, sleep and breathing exercise ..

  • DOs and Don’ts :

[Click on the below image to see it larger .. Don’t be lazy .. Do click and read it ..]

So use some common sense and take some extra care and be preventive .. Together we can and we will fight this swine-flu ..


This has got to be one of the most clever e -mails I’ve received in a while. Someone out there either has too much spare time or is deadly at Scrabble.

( This is a piece of forwarded email .. Hence credits to those who have created it !!)

When you rearrange the letters:

When you rearrange the letters:

When you rearrange the letters:

When you rearrange the letters:

When you rearrange the letters:

When you rearrange the letters:

When you rearrange the letters:

When you rearrange the letters:

When you rearrange the letters: